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Major New Construction and Expansion Projects

A | Old Airport Road Extension | Type: Future Construction | Status: Planned, Future Expansion

B | Pony Express Pkwy | Type: Widening | Status: Completed

C | Bobby Wren Blvd. Intersection | Type: New Traffic Signals | Status: Completed

D | SR-73 Widening/Freeway Conversion | Type: Widening | Status: Pending state funding

E | Mid-Valley Road Expansion | Type: Widening and Expansion | Status: Planned, In design

F | Ranches Parkway | Type: New Traffic Signal | Status: Planned, In design

G | Woodhaven Blvd | Type: New Traffic Signal | Status: Planned, In design

H | Majors St | Type: New Traffic Signal | Status: Planned, In design

I | Pony Express Pkwy & Ranches Pkwy Intersection | Type: Intersection Improvement | Status: Planned, In Development on NE Corner

J | Eagle Mountain Blvd. | Type: Widening | Status: Concluding Nov. 2022

Scheduled Road Maintenance

Current Projects

Pony Express Pkwy & Ranches Pkwy Intersection | Left-turn lane extension & intersection improvement – This project will extend the left turn lane on EB Pony Express to improve traffic flow. Work is anticipated to last until the end of August. New signal installation is anticipated to take place in September. Four other intersections around Eagle Mountain will also be impacted. Please slow down while work is underway.

Upcoming Projects

Road Closure | Tuesday, Aug 1-Friday, Aug 11

Canyon Wash Dr. will be closed while crews perform construction work related to the new Alpine School District Middle School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City doing work on my road when it’s practically new?

We have invested in and employ an intensive and all-encompassing road maintenance strategy to be as efficient as possible. Rather than wait for roads to experience damage, an effective road maintenance program can prevent damage from occurring which is far less expensive long-term.

Why does the City sometimes rip up a road more than once? Why not do all the work at the same time?

It is certainly ideal to only remove and replace a section of roadway once. However, depending on the work being done and what brought on the need, it may be unavoidable. For example, many roadways have water and/or sewer lines underneath them that may become damaged at unpredictable times. Alternatively, when a water or sewer line needs upsized, it would be opportune to do it while the road is being worked on, but the funding may not be available and the road project cannot wait. There are several factors that can affect timing and unfortunately lead to projects requiring work in phases.


When is the City going to widen [INSERT ROAD]?

It is very apparent that the rapid population growth is putting a strain on road capacity. Eagle Mountain City has a Transportation Master Plan designed to handle the growth. While we would like to widen roads more rapidly or build new roads identified in the master plan sooner, roads are extremely expensive and Eagle Mountain City does not have the revenues necessary to engage in multiple large projects. City staff work hard to identify new revenue sources and work with new businesses locating in Eagle Mountain to enhance infrastructure so that we can avoid tax increases or incurring significant debt.

This road (or intersection) is very unsafe. Why doesn’t the City do anything about it?

Safety on our roads is the top priority for Eagle Mountain City. We aim to be vigilant in resolving any safety issues that arise. At times, it’s not always clear how to improve a road or intersection to improve safety and it may take time to analyze. Other times, major reconstruction is necessary and funding must first be obtained which can also take time. If you are aware of a safety issue that the City should be aware of, you may inform us at any time. If the safety issue involves road damage, damage to signs or lights, etc. use the Report an Issue tool. If the safety issue is related to road or intersection design or something similar, you can send an email to info@emcity.org.

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