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Permits & Licensing

Your Department Contact:

Johna Rose

Business Licensing Specialist

Office: (801) 789-6634

Email: jrose@emcity.org

Additional Resources:

For information regarding Business Licensing, contact Johna Rose, Monday – Thursday at (801) 789-6634 or jrose@emcity.org

We’re Here to Help

Eagle Mountain City is here to assist businesses comply with state and local regulatory requirements. Our Special Permits and Licensing staff is here to assist you with all of your questions in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.

Film Permits

Eagle Mountain City is the third-largest city geographically in Utah. We have a large amount of open space and many developed areas that may be of interest for film productions.

Some productions that have filmed in Eagle Mountain include Paramount Network’s Yellowstone Series, HGTV’s House Hunters, A&E Networks, Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold, The Biggest Loser, Trading Spaces, Investigation Discovery, Knights of Mayhem, AT&T Commercial, Discovery Channel Korea, NBC-Winter Olympics, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Tiny House Nation, and Nickelodeon’s Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.

For questions or assistance with Film Permits or Filming in Eagle Mountain, please contact Tyler Maffitt at tmaffitt@emcity.org or 385-272-4017

Door-to-Door Solicitation

Residential Solicitation is permitted in Eagle Mountain if Solicitors acquire the necessary license and follow City Code. To obtain an active solicitation license, please use the link below and submit it to the City Recorder’s office prior to engaging in any residential solicitation. Residential solicitation is not permitted until the license is issued. Each solicitor from a business must be licensed. If the solicitor does not appear in the list below, the solicitor is not permitted to engage in residential solicitation in Eagle Mountain City.

Those violating any terms or provisions will be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor and will be punished by a fine up to $1,000 and/or a jail sentence up to six months.

Active Solicitation Licenses

CompanySolicitorExpire Date
Es Solar 801-614-0606Ryan Trejo02/03/2024
Triton Home Care Services 801-5003094Michael Srygler02/17/2024

Food Trucks

Mobile food services have quickly become a staple of Eagle Mountain’s food scene. Providing a variety of food options to residents and area food enthusiasts helps enhance the quality of life in Eagle Mountain. Individuals and businesses interested in providing food truck services in Eagle Mountain will find an increasingly vibrant day-time lunch scene, numerous options for parking pads, City events with food truck demand, incentives to help grow into more permanent space, and resources available to connect you with the larger business community.

Please obtain an Eagle Mountain City commercial business license prior to doing business within Eagle Mountain City.

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