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Eagle Mountain City has started a podcast called Talking Up Eagle Mountain where a variety of topics related to Eagle Mountain government, services, programs, and goals are discussed in a panel format. The podcast is available on several platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Anchor, and more. Episodes will be posted below as they become available. RSS link.

Episode 9 – Preparing for Winter

Episode 8 – Police & Fire Services

Episode 7 – Pony Express Memorial Cemetery

Episode 6 – Neighborhood Improvement

Episode 5 – Emergency Preparedness

Episode 4 – School Health & Safety

Episode 3 – Economic Development

Episode 2 – Roads

Episode 1 – Open Space Planning and Wildlife Preservation



Utility work will take place this week (October 14 -18) at the intersection of Eagle Mountain Blvd. and Aviator Ave. This will necessitate a lane shift. There will be flaggers present to direct traffic. Work will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the affected dates. Please drive carefully and watch flaggers for directions.

City Hall

Notice is hereby given that the Eagle Mountain City Council will conduct a public hearing on October 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Eagle Mountain City Council Chambers located at 1650 E. Stagecoach Run, Eagle Mountain, Utah. Eagle Mountain City is proposing a transfer of $435,000 from the Solid Waste Fund to the Transportation Impact Fee Fund and General Fund Capital Projects Fund (which represents 30% of the total expenditures of the Solid Waste Fund). This amount is proposed to pay for the following: 1) $200,000 for a traffic light to be installed at the intersection of Aviator Avenue and Eagle Mountain Boulevard and 2) $235,000 for the first year payment on the 10-year Utah Transportation Infrastructure Bank loan for the widening of Pony Express Parkway between Lake Mountain Road and Mid Valley Road from two lanes to four lanes. In recent years, the Solid Waste Fund has seen savings due mainly to favorable contractual negotiations the city has had in changing its transfer point.

The Utah County Municipal General Election will be held Tuesday, November 5, 2019. For information on candidates and a sample ballot, please see the election and voting page on this website.

Below are some important dates that will help you navigate the process. Mail ballots will be sent to voters October 15 to 22. October 22, in-person voting begins. Voters may register to vote with a provisional ballot at an early polling location. The last day to request a mail ballot and register to vote online is October 29, 2019. Early voting will be available at the Utah County Election Office in Provo, 100 E. Center St., RM 3100, Provo, UT 84606. Early voting ends November 1, 2019.  Mail ballots may be dropped off on the north side of City Hall in the mail ballot drop box and in the Recorder’s Office at City Hall.


Eagle Mountain City is again offering our Bag the Leaf program for fall. Residents are encouraged to clear leaves from their property, to include collecting leaves and other debris from the tops of storm drains abutting their property during the fall leaf collection period to help prevent localized flooding conditions during the fall and winter months.

The success of the City’s leaf bag collection program depends on the cooperation of our residents. Without your contributions, the City would not be able to provide an efficient and cost effective leaf collection program. This is an opportunity for all of us to keep Eagle Mountain City clean, safe and beautiful.

Following are details about the program:

  • The City will provide free leaf bags to residents.
  • Pick up bags at City Hall.
  • Bags will be available from Tuesday, October 22 through Friday, November 22, while supplies last.
  • Curbside pick-up will be on weekdays through November 27. You may email Larry at ldiamond@emcity.org to notify us when you have bags ready for pick up.

Program guidelines:

  • City-provided bags as well as other small to large plastic garbage bags may be used.
  • Bags shall not exceed 40 pounds and must contain leaves only. Heavier bags will not be collected.
  • The City will not collect any bags that contain household waste, green waste, branches, limbs, rocks, animal waste, dirt, sod or other restricted bulky waste. If a bag contains any unacceptable materials, crews will place a notice on your bag and leave them for you to remove.
  • Place your bags curbside. Bags should not be placed in the street, gutter, ditches, or any drainage way.
  • Leaves should not be raked into the street. Homeowners/renters will be subject to fines for placing debris in the roadways.

If you have any questions, please contact Larry Diamond with the Storm Drain Department at ldiamond@emcity.org.



Eagle Mountain has now made available to Eagle Mountain City residents the two-year and three-year options for dog licenses. Previously we only offered the one-year dog license.

Dog licenses may be purchased at the Reception Desk or Utility Billing office at City Hall. Please note we can only accept payment by check. The licenses are processed through North Utah Valley Animal Shelter. Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination. Our business hours are M-F 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except holidays.

1 yr. – $15 (altered) $35 (unaltered)

2 yr. – $25 (altered) $65 (unaltered)

3 yr. – $35 (altered) $95 (unaltered)

Any person owning, possessing or harboring any dog must obtain a current rabies vaccination and a dog license for the dog within thirty (30) days after the dog reaches the age of four (4) months, or, in the case of a dog over four (4) months within thirty (30) days of acquisition of the dog.

One of the many benefits of a dog license is that it serves as a way to locate your dog if your dog is ever lost.


Due to growth in the city, starting the week of September 30 Ace Disposal is changing their garbage and recycling pickup schedules for some residents. Areas where pickup day and/or recycling week is changing are highlighted on this map.  Enter your address in the map search bar. If your address is in a highlighted area, click on that highlighted area and the map will display what the change is. If your address is not in a highlighted area there are no changes.

A master list of the changes may also be viewed here.

The citywide garbage pickup schedule effective September 30 is available here.

Ace Disposal will pick up recycling three weeks in a row starting September 30 for residents whose pickup schedule is changing to help with the transition to the new recycling pickup schedule.

Please share this information with neighbors so everyone can be prepared for changes.

If during this transition your garbage is not picked up, please contact Ace Disposal at 800-724-9995 and they will arrange for pick up.

The Utah National Guard’s 640th Regiment, Regional Training Institute is scheduled to conduct three artillery live-fire exercises at Camp Williams in September, October and November, 2019. Given the nature of these exercises, artillery fire will occur sporadically throughout the day, beginning at approximately 7:00 a.m. and ending at approximately 9:00 p.m.

23-25 September

22-24 October

20-22 November

Those expected to be most affected by these events are residents of Bluffdale, Riverton, Herriman, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs and Lehi.

These exercises are NOT open to the media or the public.

Please direct all questions via text or email to Maj. D.J. Gibb, 801-716-9063, ng.ut.utarng.list.pao@mail.mil.


Update 10/14/19: Widening construction is expected to be completed by the week of October 21.

The construction activity occurring on Pony Express Parkway since late spring is due to the city’s desire to be proactive in planning for continued growth and development and to respond to residents’ concerns about timing and traffic flow.

Following is information we hope will help residents understand the scope of the work being completed.

Multiple Projects

Construction on Pony Express Parkway is accomplishing several projects:

Pony Express Parkway Widening

Project to widen Pony Express Pkwy with two lanes each direction from Hidden Valley Pkwy (entrance to Hidden Hollow Elementary School) to Lake Mountain Road doubled in size when additional funding was allocated by the City and extended to two lanes each direction to Mid Valley Road (entrance to Frontier Middle School/Wride Park).

CWP Water Line

Four years ago the City installed a line to receive water from the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CWP). That line has now been extended between Lake Mountain Road and Cedar Pass Drive to bring additional water supply to City Center. This project was done in conjunction with the road widening to avoid having to tear up the road to install the line later.

Water Reuse Line

A secondary water line was installed between the city’s wastewater facility to Wride Park as part of the Facebook Data Center agreement to provide irrigation for the park from water that has been used for the data center’s cooling system. This helps decrease the demand on the culinary water system.

Traffic Signals

Five new traffic signals will be installed – Aviator Ave (entrance to Cedar Valley High School), Mid Valley Road, Hidden Valley Pkwy, Red Hawk Ranch Road, and Smith Ranch Road. These signals will replace existing stop signs (with the exception of the new Aviator Ave) and improve traffic flow, as well as providing safer school crossings.


Construction began as soon as weather permitted in the spring. The widening project was organized to avoid the Hidden Valley Pkwy and Mid Valley Road intersections until schools were out for summer break.

Some delays have occurred related to weather, an unexpected settling issue with the existing water line, and coordination with Rocky Mountain Power to move power lines. The traffic signal at Smith Ranch Road has been delayed until fall due to not receiving delivery of the signal by the expected time frame.

The contractor agreed to work with the City to get as much as possible done before the end of summer to lessen the burden on residents and schools during the school year. The widening project is currently on track for total completion by fall, with a significant portion finished before school starts.

Both the widening and traffic signals are being completed ahead of the timeline recommended by warrant studies, in some cases several years ahead. The City made these improvements the highest priority in budgeting.


By working with the same contractor the city doubled the scope of the project but only added a fraction of project time. All of the projects managed separately could have taken up to four years to complete.

With the time savings comes potential cost savings by avoiding increases in construction costs.


A microsurfacing treatment will be done on Pony Express Pkwy in September. This process is a proactive measure to extend the life of the road.

The City is planning for funding to continuing the widening of Pony Express Pkwy from Mid Valley Road to Bobby Wren Blvd. No specific timeline has been established for this yet.

As part of the Facebook Data Center agreement, Pony Express Pkwy will be widened from Eagle Mountain Blvd south to the data center.

The City is currently assessing the needs of Eagle Mountain Blvd and planning for future improvements for that road.