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City offices are open to the public regular hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday), however, masks are recommended in city buildings, and social distancing measures are in place. We encourage residents and our community partners to continue to conduct business with the City online or by phone as much as possible. Department Contact Info

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Most Popular Questions


We want to finish our basement and I have questions about the process.

We are accepting basement permits via email to buildinginspections@emcity.org.

You will need to make sure you attach everything as PDF’s and not photos, or JPG. We cannot accept them if they are not scanned in as PDF’s.

We will do our best to get them reviewed in a timely matter.

You will need to submit a completed permit application. We cannot accept incomplete applications. We need all of the property information including the subdivision, lot # and tax serial #. To find the property information, please click here. When you search, just enter the address numbers and the city only. Do not add direction or street. It will bring up everything in the city with those numbers. You will need to click the serial number of the correct address, then click the serial number under the current owner (the year should be green). This will bring you to the property information for your home including the subdivision, lot #, and tax serial (or parcel) #.

*Please make sure you check “Basement” under intended use of parcel.

*Please put “SELF” under Contractor information if you are doing the work yourself. If you have hired a contractor, you will put their information and have them sign the permit.

*You will want to note the # of bedrooms and baths you are adding- not total.

You will need to submit a plan of your basement on one page. There is a checklist of everything that needs to be on your plan. You will need to show the whole layout of the basement. Please go over the checklist and initial it noting the required items are on the plans. The plans MUST be 8 ½  x 11. They do need to be able to be read and everything on the checklist must be on ONE PAGE. We will not accept permits with separate pages of plans. A very simple plan is all that is required, along with the plan submittal checklist that has been initialed. Make sure that the finished areas do not say “future” or “unfinished”.

Please do not proceed with any work until a permit has been issued. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Phone: 801-789-6617

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/community-development/planning/

When do the Splash Pads open?

Wride Memorial Park Splash Pad (typically opens Memorial Day weekend, TBA for 2021)
Location: 5806 N. Pony Express Pkwy
Operating Hours: Daily, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Public health and safety is the City’s top priority, and the splash pad may be shut down at any time as needed for proper maintenance. The schedule may also be re-evaluated at any time if issues arise from operating daily). The system turns off for 10 minutes every two hours to help regulate water conditions. Please follow posted rules for splash pad use.

Nolen Park Splash Pad (typically opens Memorial Day weekend, TBA for 2021)
Location: 7862 N. Tinamous Road
When in operation, the water may be activated from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. An activation sensor is located in the northeast corner of the pad. Simply tap with your foot to start the water. No pets, bikes, or scooters are allowed on the pad.

*We ask residents to follow the current COVID-19 guidelines. Splash pads are subject to closure at any time for maintenance, changes to health guidelines, or inspection-related issues.

Phone: 801-789-6684

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/parks-recreation/specialty-parks/

When do the Seniors have activities? 

The Senior Citizens Advisory Council provides activities and resources for Eagle Mountain residents ages 55 and older. They also make recommendations to the City Council with respect to programs and facilities for senior citizens. Senior Council members are appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the City Council for terms of four years.

Information about weekly Senior activities may be found on our city events calendar.

Phone: 801-789-6635

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/senior-center/

To whom do I report a barking dog?

For domesticated animal control issues,
barking dogs, stray cats or any other domesticated animal issues, please call the non-emergency dispatch number, 801-794-3970.

Wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, snakes and mountain lions, including reporting the location of deceased deer and other wildlife, fall under the Utah Division of Wildlife. Please contact the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources at 801-491-5678 for assistance.

Phone: 801-794-3970

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/sheriffs-office/ 

How can I reserve a pavilion at the park? 

A reservation and payment of rental fees are required for city park pavilions from April 1 – October 15. Reservations for 2021 are open for the season. Pavilions may close at any time due to Covid-19.
If you would like to rent a pavilion for a large group or special event, use the link below for the pavilion rental tool.

To check pavilion availability click on the rental tool.

If you need to change or cancel a reservation or need a refund, it must be submitted in writing to cfowles@emcity.org.
Outside of the required rental period, pavilion use is first come, first served.

Park Pavilion Rental*

Park Amenities Finder

Phone: 801-789-6684

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/parks-recreation/

What holidays do they pick up trash a day late? 

If a scheduled collection day falls on one of the following holidays or the day after, collection will be delayed by one day: Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

For billing questions, to add or remove trash or recycling cans, or replace damaged containers, please contact Eagle Mountain City at 801-789-6609 for the necessary forms. For all other customer service questions, please contact Ace Disposal at 801-363-9995, Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 801-789-6609

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/waste-management/

How can I find out about getting a business license?

If you have questions or need assistance regarding the permits and licensing, please reach out to our Business Licensing Specialist at (801) 789-6634 or at jrose@emcity.org.

Phone: 801-789-6634

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/permitsandlicensing/

We are putting up a fence and need to know the EM fence requirements.

Eagle Mountain City does not have permits for fences.  We recommend you hire a surveyor to mark your lot and proceed from there.

17.60.120 General fencing provisions.

Fencing provisions can be viewed here:

Phone: 801-789-6690

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/community-development/neighborhood-improvement/

How do I get a dog license?

Dog licenses may be purchased online at the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter website. There is an additional $2 online service fee.

Dog licenses may also be purchased at the Utility Billing office at City Hall. Please note we can only accept payment by check. The licenses are processed through North Utah Valley Animal Shelter. Please bring proof of current rabies vaccination.

1 yr. – $15 (altered) $35 (unaltered)

2 yr. – $25 (altered) $65 (unaltered)

3 yr. – $35 (altered) $95 (unaltered)

More Information

Phone: 801-789-6600

Website: https://northutahvalleyanimalshelter.org/licensing/

Why is there a voice recording when I call the Utility Billing department?

To save you time and keep our phones as open as possible, the Utility Billing department has prerecorded answers for the questions they receive the most.

When you call, you’ll hear the following options:

  1. Start Utilities
  2. Cancel Utilities
  3. Change Number of Trash and Recycle Bins
  4. Payment Information
  5. Past Due or Shut Off Notice
  6. Press # to speak to a Utility Billing Clerk

If your selected number isn’t what you need, wait until the information is presented and you’ll here the options listed again. Each information segment is about 1-2min.

Phone: 801-789-6609

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/

How can I sign up for utilities? 

If you are new to the city, please fill out an individual or joint utility application for your new address here.

If moving from Eagle Mountain City, please fill out a termination form for your old address and an individual or joint utility application for your new address here. Please be aware that your account number will change and online utility bill pay information will need to be updated. The Utility Billing department has up to three business days to transfer accounts.

Phone: 801-789-6609

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/manage-services/

How do we turn our basement into an apartment?

Who should I report the abandoned car in our neighborhood to? 

Neighborhood Improvement is always available to answer questions and concerns. Please call or email us at Neighborhoodimprovement@emcity.org.

Phone: 801-789-6690

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/community-development/neighborhood-improvement/

When are City Council meetings held? 

Until further notice Public meetings will be held electronically in accordance with Executive Order 2020-1 Suspending the Enforcement of Provisions of Utah Code 52-4-202 and 52-4-207 due to Infectious Disease COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus issued by Governor Herbert on March 18, 2020. Visit the city calendar to find out when our next meeting is.

City Council:

Work Session: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Work Session is a time for the City Council to receive and discuss information pertaining to the agenda items. No actions are taken in this session.
Policy Session: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
During Policy Session, the City Council will take action on the agenda items discussed in the Work Session.

How to Participate
The City Council and Planning Commission meetings are open to the public. The public is invited to comment during Public Comment in the City Council Policy Session or when there is a Public Hearing at the City Council or Planning Commission meetings. Those who comment are asked to fill out a “Public Comment Form,” located on the wall of the recording booth in the Council Chambers.
If you need a special accommodation to participate in a public meeting, please call the City Recorder’s Office at least three working days prior to the meeting at 801-789-6610.

Phone: 801-789-6610

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/city-recorder/city-meetings-portal/ 

When will my recycle and trash barrel be picked up? 

Garbage collection will happen weekly while the recycling can is picked up on a bi-weekly schedule on your regular garbage pick-up day.

Garbage and Recycling Pick-up Schedule Map Enter your address and click on the arrow (as shown below). For your recycling schedule, click “RECYCLE INFO.”

Phone: 801-363-9995

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/waste-management/ 

How can I find out where the HOV trails are in EM? 

Trails Map

The links below to the OHV Trails and OHV Crossing Maps will help you experience new adventures and get to your destination safely. Trails continue to expand throughout the city. These maps are updated as frequently as possible.

OHV Street Crossings Map

OHV Trails Map

Phone: 801-789-6684

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/parks-recreation/trails/

How do I add a garbage or recycle can?

You can add a garbage or recycle can anytime you need. All you need to do is fill out the “Garbage Stop or Change” form. The recycling can is full-sized and is billed at the rate of $5 monthly, compared to the rate of $6.25 for a second regular can.

Phone: 801-789-6609

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/manage-services/

Where are the Utility Billing drop boxes located?

If you pay your bill via US mail or your bank on the last day of the month, it will arrive late. Mailed payments have taken up to a week to reach our office.

If you want to pay at the end of the month, instead of mailing your payment, you may drop it in one of our two utility drop boxes.

The drop box in the Ranches is located in the drive-through at 3688 E Campus Dr.

The drop box in City Center is located at City Hall at 1650 E. Stagecoach Run.

Phone: 801-789-6609

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/#billpay

Additional Questions


How do I request an inspection?


ALL inspection requests must be done by email at buildinginspections@emcity.org. You must include your information including the permit number, inspection information and contact information. You will receive a confirmation email. You are not on the schedule if you do not receive an email. Please allow ample time for us to get your inspection scheduled. Inspections are available on first come first serve basis.

How do I apply for my permit?


To apply for a permit, you will submit all the items required on the submittal checklist to the building department located in the Community Development Building at 2565 N Pony Express Pkwy. You may be required to pay a plan review fee and other relevant fees to start the building permit process.

How do I obtain a burning permit?


The open burn policy was changed in 2013 to meet the revised standards of the State Department of Air Quality (DAQ). The DAQ no longer allows permits to be issued on an annual basis as had been done previously. Recent modifications to these rules change the open burn periods and include a statewide requirement to complete an online application with the DAQ and to obtain a burn permit from the local fire authority. The DAQ open burn permit application and UFA issued burn permit is required prior to conducting any residential burning.

Burn permits may be issued between March 30 and May 30 and between September 15 and October 30. 

Only residents on (1) or more acres are eligible to apply for a residential burn permit. 

The cost for the burn permit is $25.

The permit application process begins at the DAQ’s website.

The $25 permit fee is paid online at the UFA website.

Once the application has been processed and fee has been paid, the UFA will contact the applicant to arrange a site inspection.  The fire department shall inspect the area and what is to be burned.  The fire crew will issue the permit following the inspection.

  • Be sure to plan ahead – the entire permitting process could take 3-5 days to complete.
  • The burn permit is good for the duration of the seasonal burn window.
  • Prior to burning, verify green burn conditions.
  • Prior to burning, contact Dispatch at (801) 794-3970 with name, address and time of burn.

For questions concerning this process, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 801-824-3719.

How do I locate the closest fire station to my home?


Many insurance companies ask the home owner for this information. Fire station 251 is located in City Center at 1680 Heritage Drive and Fire Station 252 is located in The Ranches at 3785 Pony Express Parkway.

How do I schedule a fire station tour?


Call Unified Fire Authority’s Community Services department at 801-562-9129.

Do I need a permit to rent out my basement?


Yes. 17.70.030 Accessory apartment approval required.

A conditional use permit for an accessory apartment is required when an owner/resident begins to function as a landlord by renting demised space, as described in this chapter, within the residence to a tenant under the terms of a formal or informal rent or lease arrangement, which includes an obligation to pay rent. The following are not considered accessory apartment uses and do not fall under the regulation of this chapter: occupation by a live-in maid, in-home nurse, nanny or any other person or persons who are provided a place to live as part of their employment with, or services they provide to, the owner/resident of the dwelling; or while a family member is called up for military service, etc.; and any occupation by individuals related by blood or marriage.

All other accessory apartment uses are considered illegal unless a conditional use permit has been approved and issued. Accessory apartment uses that existed prior to the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter shall be considered illegal until approved by the planning director or planning commission.

What do I need for a permit?


There are required items that must be included with your application along with your building plans. Using a permit submittal checklist helps you make sure you have all of the items needed for your application. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

What are the steps to completing residential building permit?


Basic steps

  • Homebuilder submits a completed application, all required documents and pays any applicable fees.
  • The plans examiner reviews plans that typically takes 14-16 full business days. Once the plans have been approved, the fees will be calculated and emailed to you.
  • The permit is paid for by check and issued. Please note that there cannot be any lien releases on the checks.
  • Construction begins and inspections done.
  • Certificate of Occupancy issued when all construction has been approved.

What are the maximum number of livestock allowed on residential lots?

What are the rules about trash and junk on residential property?


8.07.030 Junk

A. Responsibility to Keep Property Free of Junk. It is unlawful for any person, corporation, partnership or legal entity owning or occupying real property in the city to allow the accumulation of junk or to fail to remove from the property any junk.

B. Junk Defined.

1. “Junk” means any salvaged or scrap copper, brass, iron, steel, metal, rope, rags, batteries, paper, wood, trash, plastic, rubber, tires and waste, or other articles not stored for recycling purposes in a fully enclosed container, or materials commonly designated as junk. “Junk,” except as provided in subsection (B)(2) of this section, shall also mean any motor vehicle not currently registered and dismantled, wrecked or inoperable, motor vehicles or parts thereof which are stored or parked on property outside of an enclosed building and which remain in such condition for a period of time in excess of 60 days.

What is the City Ordinance on Weeds?


8.07.020 Weeds and other refuse

  1. Responsibility to Keep Property Clean. It is unlawful for any person, corporation, partnership or legal entity owning or occupying real property in the city to let the height of weeds on such property grow beyond the maximum permitted, or to fail to remove from the property any such weeds or refuse, dog manure or waste, unsightly or deleterious objects or structures, after having been given written notice by the city.
  2. Weed Control Standards. Weeds shall not be permitted to reach a height of more than six inches at any time or to otherwise create a fire hazard to structures or habitat for disease, insect vectors, or vermin. As used in this chapter, the term “weeds” means plants which are unwanted in the location where they are growing and which are not a part of landscaping, xeriscaping, or native plant landscaping.


When can I start construction?


You can begin construction after you have picked up your approved permit.

When do I have to take out/in my trash containers?


8.05.430 Placement of containers for collection

The city may designate the time and place of solid waste collected and hauled by the city. Containers of solid waste shall not be set out upon the street prior to the evening of the day before scheduled collection and shall be set out before 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. All empty containers shall be removed from the street the same day they were emptied.

When can I water my lawn?


13.30.010 Sprinkler irrigation hours

Between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Where is the library located?

The library is located in the Eagle Mountain City Office building at 1650 E. Stagecoach Run, in Eagle Mountain City Center. Directions

Where do I sign up for CPR and/or CERT?


Contact Unified Fire Authority’s Community Services department for information on public education classes – 801-562-9129.

Where do I get my fire extinguisher filled or checked?


There are many private businesses that provide this service. You may search under “Fire Extinguisher Services” to locate one.

Why do I see our fire equipment outside of Eagle Mountain?


The fire equipment may be returning from a transport to one of the hospitals or from assisting neighboring departments with an emergency response.

Also, fire department personnel are assigned for a 24 hour shift and need to periodically shop for food.  It is necessary for fire personnel to have the proper equipment at all times in case of emergencies.

I brought my DVD(s) home and they have red locks on them. What is it?

All of our DVD’s are locked to prevent theft/loss or damage.  You can bring the DVD’s back to the library with your checkout receipt and we will be happy to open them for you.  Please do not try to open them yourself as it will break the case and we will have to charge for damages.

What is the ISO Fire Protection Rating for Unified Fire Authority?


The ISO Fire Protection Rating for Unified Fire Authority is 2/2x.

When I see or hear a fire engine with lights and sirens turned on, what should I do?


The driver of the fire engine is trained to pass vehicles on the left and to maneuver in traffic. You should pull as close to the right side of the road as safely possible.

What is the emergency telephone number in Eagle Mountain for fire, police or ambulance?


Call 911 for fires, medical emergencies, or crimes in-progress. For other calls for fire or police service, call dispatch at 801-794-3970.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Call: 801-789-6600
Email: info@emcity.org

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