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Effective Nov. 24, Eagle Mountain City will follow guidelines for the high transmission level of COVID-19 on the state index. City offices are open to the public regular hours (7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday), however, masks are required in city buildings, and social distancing measures are in place. If you do not have a mask, one can be provided for you. The Senior Center activities are cancelled until further notice. We encourage residents and our community partners to continue to conduct business with the City online or by phone as much as possible. Department Contact Info

Elections & Voting

Voting in Eagle Mountain


2020 Schedule of Elections

Presidential Primary Election: March 3, 2020

February 3 – Last day to register by mail or through a registration drive

February 3 – Last day to switch party affiliation (does not apply to “Unaffiliated” voters)*

February 11 – Ballots mailed to all active registered voters

February 25* – Last day for a new registrant to register in person or online and receive a by-mail ballot*

March 2 – By mail postmark deadline– If in doubt, place it in a drop box.

March 3 – Election Day, polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. Ballot drop boxes also close at 8pm.

Regular Primary Election – June 30, 2020

Regular General Election – November 3, 2020

Election dates and deadlines are subject to change by the legislature. This website will be updated as necessary.

* Unaffiliated voters may affiliate and vote provisionally in person at a Vote Center on Primary Election Days.
Voters who are not registered, but otherwise eligible to vote, may vote provisionally in person at a Vote Center on Election Day.

Curbside Ballot Drop Box Locations

Vote Center


Elections Documents



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to run for municipal office?

Must be:

  • 18 Years old
  • a US citizen
  • a registered voter
  • a resident of Eagle Mountain City (or a recently annexed area) for twelve consecutive months prior to the election.

Any mentally incompetent person, or any person convicted of a felony, or any person convicted of treason or a crime against the elective franchise may not hold office in this state until the right to vote or hold elective office is restored as provided by statute.


What if I cannot file a declaration of candidacy in-person?

An individual may designate an agent to file a declaration of candidacy with the city recorder if:

  • the individual is located outside of the state during the entire filing period;
  • the designated agent appears in person before the city recorder;
  • the individual communicates with the city recorder using an electronic device that allows the individual and city recorder to see and hear each other; and
  • the individual provides the city recorder with an email address to which the city recorder may send the individual election forms and information.