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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I Park on the street?


72 hours, 24 hours for a commercial, agriculture, recreational vehicle, trailer or truck.

10.10.030 Parking on public streets without being moved

It is unlawful to leave any vehicle parked on a public street for longer than 72 hours without being moved.

10.10.090 Parking prohibited on public streets

  1. It is unlawful to park any:
  2. Commercial vehicle, agricultural vehicle, recreational vehicle, occupied or empty trailer or truck on any public street within a residential zone of the city for a period of time longer than 24 hours;
  3. Commercial vehicle on any lot or parcel within any residential zone of the city.

Can I keep my RV or trailer in my front yard?


No.  10.10.090 Parking prohibited on public streets

A. It is unlawful to park any:

2. Agricultural vehicle, recreational vehicle, occupied or empty trailer, or truck within the front yard area of any residential zone of the city

Does the City do property surveys?



It is best to hire a professional land surveyor to know where your property lines are.  A convenient tool to see property lines is the Utah County Parcel Map website: https://maps.utahcounty.gov/ParcelMap/ParcelMap.html

Can I place or dump gravel, rocks, sod, dirt, etc. on the side of the road or in the gutter?


No. 5.65.060 Clean Gutter

Once curb and gutter and surface course is in place it shall be kept as clean as possible. When equipment is required to cross over sidewalk, bridging will be provided to protect concrete. Dirt and gravel will not be placed in gutter or on street. Gutter will flow freely at all times.

What is the City Ordinance on Weeds?


8.07.020 Weeds and other refuse

  1. Responsibility to Keep Property Clean. It is unlawful for any person, corporation, partnership or legal entity owning or occupying real property in the city to let the height of weeds on such property grow beyond the maximum permitted, or to fail to remove from the property any such weeds or refuse, dog manure or waste, unsightly or deleterious objects or structures, after having been given written notice by the city.
  2. Weed Control Standards. Weeds shall not be permitted to reach a height of more than six inches at any time or to otherwise create a fire hazard to structures or habitat for disease, insect vectors, or vermin. As used in this chapter, the term “weeds” means plants which are unwanted in the location where they are growing and which are not a part of landscaping, xeriscaping, or native plant landscaping.

What are the rules about trash and junk on residential property?


8.07.030 Junk

A. Responsibility to Keep Property Free of Junk. It is unlawful for any person, corporation, partnership or legal entity owning or occupying real property in the city to allow the accumulation of junk or to fail to remove from the property any junk.

B. Junk Defined.

1. “Junk” means any salvaged or scrap copper, brass, iron, steel, metal, rope, rags, batteries, paper, wood, trash, plastic, rubber, tires and waste, or other articles not stored for recycling purposes in a fully enclosed container, or materials commonly designated as junk. “Junk,” except as provided in subsection (B)(2) of this section, shall also mean any motor vehicle not currently registered and dismantled, wrecked or inoperable, motor vehicles or parts thereof which are stored or parked on property outside of an enclosed building and which remain in such condition for a period of time in excess of 60 days.

Can I have an inoperable vehicle stored on my property?


Yes, 8.07.030 Junk

For two years and must be covered.

2. One truck with a capacity of one ton or less or automobile which is inoperable may be stored in a side yard, except a side yard which faces on a street or a rear yard on property, for a period not to exceed two years; provided, that the automobile or truck is secured with the windows closed, the trunk and hood closed and the doors locked and is not damaged or exposing jagged metal and is fully covered and concealed with a covering maintained in a secure good condition which does not extend closer to the ground than the lowest point on the vehicle body.

Does the city provide free dump passes?



Residents may claim up to two dump passes per household per year free of charge at our reception desk or Utility Billing office at City Hall.

Do I have to landscape my front and back yards?


Yes. 17.60.100 Residential landscape requirements

All single-family dwellings shall have the front yards landscaped within one year and back yards within two years of receiving a certificate of occupancy, unless required sooner through the project.

Do I have to trim the trees in the park strip?


Yes. 17.60.040 General landscape provisions

The following landscape provisions shall be adhered to by all land uses:

A. Park Strips. Park strips adjacent to residential dwellings shall be landscaped and maintained by the property owner whose property abuts the park strip.

B. Landscape Maintenance. All landscaped areas shall be maintained by watering of landscaping, removal of weeds, the cutting of lawn or any other activities required to maintain healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscaping. Topping of trees as a pruning technique is prohibited.

C. Tree Clearance. Trees which project over any sidewalk shall be pruned clear of all branches between the ground and a height of eight feet for that portion of the foliage located over the sidewalk.

D. Clear Vision Triangles. No landscaping over three feet in height shall be allowed within a clear vision triangle as shown in this chapter except trees with single trunks that are pruned such that all branches and foliage are removed to a height of at least eight feet.

When can I water my lawn?


13.30.010 Sprinkler irrigation hours

Between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.

When do I have to take out/in my trash containers?


8.05.430 Placement of containers for collection

The city may designate the time and place of solid waste collected and hauled by the city. Containers of solid waste shall not be set out upon the street prior to the evening of the day before scheduled collection and shall be set out before 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. All empty containers shall be removed from the street the same day they were emptied.

How many dogs and/or cats can I have?


Four. 6.05.260 Number of animals

No person may harbor or possess more than four dogs or more than four cats, four months of age or older, without purchasing a kennel license or a hobby breeder’s license and obtaining a conditional use permit for such facility from the city. Ownership of more than four cats without said licenses must be approved by the animal regulation coordinator for a legitimate business purpose.

What are the maximum number of livestock allowed on residential lots?

Do I need a permit to rent out my basement?


Yes. 17.70.030 Accessory apartment approval required.

A conditional use permit for an accessory apartment is required when an owner/resident begins to function as a landlord by renting demised space, as described in this chapter, within the residence to a tenant under the terms of a formal or informal rent or lease arrangement, which includes an obligation to pay rent. The following are not considered accessory apartment uses and do not fall under the regulation of this chapter: occupation by a live-in maid, in-home nurse, nanny or any other person or persons who are provided a place to live as part of their employment with, or services they provide to, the owner/resident of the dwelling; or while a family member is called up for military service, etc.; and any occupation by individuals related by blood or marriage.

All other accessory apartment uses are considered illegal unless a conditional use permit has been approved and issued. Accessory apartment uses that existed prior to the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter shall be considered illegal until approved by the planning director or planning commission.

Can I hang signs on utility poles, light poles, fences, or trees?



Can I put up signs for my non-profit special event?


Yes, Approval required. 17.80.090 Temporary (right-of-way) special event signage

For temporary signage to be placed in city-owned right-of-way advertising special events occurring within the city, the following standards shall be followed:

A. Sign Copy. The maximum sign copy shall be 32 square feet.

B. Location. A map must be submitted for approval showing the intended locations of the signs. No off-premises signs are allowed on private property. Temporary right-of-way signs may not be located in the park strip (between the street and the sidewalk), but may be located between the sidewalk and a property line or fence. Signs may not be placed on utility poles, light poles, fences, or trees.

C. Duration. The maximum number of continuous days in which the signs can be displayed shall be 10 consecutive days. An extension may be possible with the original application.

D. Takedown. The applicant is solely responsible to remove the signs by the appropriate date.

E. Definition of Special Events. Special events include business grand openings, fundraiser events, private concerts, parade of homes, and other events as determined by the planning director. This does not include small, private events like yard sales, garage sales, moving sales or lost pet signs, nor does it include business sales.

F. Approval Process. Temporary signs to be placed in the public right-of-way must be registered with the city. Any sign in the public right-of-way that is not registered with the city via the website may be immediately removed. A maximum of five signs shall be allowed.

Find approval form on Neighborhood Improvement page.

Can I put up yard sale signs?


Yes, 17.80.100 Yard sale temporary signage

Registration of your sign(s) is required. Small private events such as yard sales, garage sales, and moving sales must comply with the following signage standards:

A. Sign Copy. Signs may be no larger than four square feet in size.

B. Location. Signs must be located on private property, unless the sale is registered with the city prior to the date of sale for temporary right-of-way signage. On major streets (arterial and major collectors) signs may not be located in the park strip (between the street and the sidewalk/trail), but may be located between the sidewalk and a property line or fence. Signs may not be placed on utility poles, light poles, fences, or trees. On local roads, signs are allowed in the park strip.

C. Duration. Temporary signs in the right-of-way that serve as directional signs to the event may be posted on the day of the sale only, and must be removed by the end of the day. It is the owner’s responsibility to remove all signage during the appropriate time period. No sale or signage will be permitted for more than two consecutive days.

D. Approval Process. The yard/garage sale must be registered with the city for any signage to be allowed in the public right-of-way. Any sign in the public right-of-way that is not registered with the city may be immediately removed.

Find Yard Sale sign registration form on Neighborhood Improvement page.

Are there construction hours?


Yes. 8.15.070

7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Can I burn weeds?


Yes, 8.10.010 Burn permit required – Fee.

With a Fire Department burn permit between March 30 – May 30 and September 15 – October 30

Can I put a driveway around my water meter?


No. 15.35.050

Water meters and service lines … No meters shall be set in sidewalks or driveways…

Can the City enforce HOA rules?



Only City codes and ordinances and be enforced by Neighborhood Improvement.  Please contact your HOA for CC&R violations.

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