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Rumor Stop

Welcome to Rumor Stop for Eagle Mountain City. This page is designed to address rumors residents have heard about the community and the City government. Please review the rumors that have already been addressed for answers to your questions. If there is a rumor not on this page, you can request an answer by filling out some basic information in the “Share a Rumor” section of this page.

Rumor: How much water goes to industrial use in the city.

Fact: Industrial, which comprises Tyson and the Meta Data Center, use about 9% of the city’s water.

Rumor: Does Eagle Mountain have enough water?

Fact: The City has five wells that produce most of the city’s water supply. They also have a contract with Central Utah Water Conservancy District. The City plans ahead to accommodate drought conditions and growth of the city. City officials monitor secondary water use to make recommendations on watering schedules as needs arise.

Rumor: When is Eagle Mountain getting a rec center?

Fact: One of the most frequent requests that comes to the City is for a recreation center or specific recreation facilities that are typically found in a recreation center. Currently there is no firm timeline for the construction of a recreation center. Recreation centers are very costly facilities and in general are not fiscally self-sufficient. However, Eagle Mountain City staff are working to identify funding strategies that will allow us to build a quality recreation center of sufficient size and with desired amenities for a rapidly growing city while trying to avoid incurring significant debt. This may require constructing recreation center components separately in a modular fashion or other innovative approaches. Eagle Mountain City elected officials and staff know well the value recreation centers can provide and also recognize residents’ desire for their local government to manage their tax dollars wisely. We will continue to work hard to find an acceptable solution, even if it requires some trail blazing.

Rumor: Why does Eagle Mountain have so many explosions?

Fact: Eagle Mountain is located near two military bases, including the Tooele Army Depot and Camp Williams. The city is also home to two rock quarries and Kern River Gas Transmission. Residents are safe during these exercises and Eagle Mountain City is in regular communication with these entities and dedicates resources to build partnerships to meet the needs of residents and local industry.

Rumor: Is Lake Mountain Road being paved?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not currently include plans for improvements to Lake Mountain Road in its Transportation Master Plan. Eagle Mountain City acknowledges that new development, and requests by the Unified Fire Authority to fully pave Lake Mountain Road, are likely to weigh in future considerations for improvements. But given the complexity of land ownership between SITLA, the Bureau of Land Management, and private individuals and entities, the City anticipates those considerations will require significant time and planning before any action is taken.

Rumor: When will  SR-73 be widened?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is in regular communication with UDOT about the needs of SR-73. We will continue to work with our partners at the state level on any future plans to widen the highway, place traffic lights at relevant intersections and develop frontage roads. Eagle Mountain City takes resident safety concerns seriously. We ask motorists to remain mindful of their speed, their surroundings and road conditions on SR-73.

Rumor: When is a traffic light going in at Bobby Wren?

Fact: The City had anticipated installing the light by the end of the year, but we are waiting for a partner organization to relocate existing power boxes to accommodate not only the light but the completion of the widening project. This should have been done by October but there have been issues with materials and a needed easement through the school property.

Rumor: Why did Eagle Mountain move Hidden Hollow’s crosswalk?

Fact: Given the volume of traffic traveling Pony Express Parkway during certain times of the day, the average speed of motorists, and the number of students using the former crosswalk at Hidden Hollow Parkway and Pony Express Parkway, the City decided it was best to revise pedestrian and traffic patterns. These changes were implemented after compiling information from several sources. First, a traffic analysis found the 85th percentile speed through the school zone was 42 mph. Speeding in the area created a safety hazard for school children attempting to cross the roadway and created further safety problems for motorists obeying the change in speed when other motorists were not. Next, the City referenced guidance from the Utah Department of Transportation’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. It’s section on Traffic Controls for School Zones states that “A Reduced Speed School Zone shall not be installed or maintained on an approach to a roundabout or to an intersection controlled by a traffic signal…”

Rumor: Will Airport Road be renamed?

Fact: It was originally planned to run alongside the airport located just south of the Sage Park subdivision. The name was considered a placeholder. The City has discussed options for adopting another name internally prior to the actual roadway dedication but nothing has been finalized.

Rumor: Why does The Ranches get all the development?

Fact: Businesses of all sizes look at a variety of factors in deciding where to locate. If they feel that an area will be profitable, and fits their development requirements, they will explore development options. Eagle Mountain City proactively works with desired industries and businesses, along with the development community, in this process. Ultimately, the city cannot force a certain business to locate here and the businesses will go where they can best succeed.

Rumor: Is Eagle Mountain getting Google Fiber?

Fact: Not currently. Eagle Mountain City continues to connect with telecommunication providers to help them understand our growth and development patterns, but it is ultimately up to those providers to decide to enter this market.

Rumor: Does the city choose which businesses locate here?

Fact: Commercial businesses identify ideal locations for their businesses using various factors. Two of the main factors are the number of households in an area and the average daily trips of major nearby roadways. Because the Ranches developed first, and all of Eagle Mountain traffic must flow through there, businesses view that area as desirable. As City Center continues to rapidly grow, more businesses have begun to explore opportunities in that area, and we anticipate that will continue in the future.


Rumor: When is Eagle Mountain City getting a Police Department?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City will form its own independent police department when it is fiscally prudent to do so and the safety of the residents requires it. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has been a tremendous partner in Eagle Mountain and has done fantastic work serving the residents of Eagle Mountain with limited resources and personnel. Recent analysis of police services demonstrated that creating a new police department is very costly and maintaining the same level of service with an independent police department would also cost more annually compared to maintaining our arrangement with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. Eagle Mountain City recognizes that an independent police department may soon become necessary and has already taken several steps to prepare for that eventual change to ensure a smooth transition.

Rumor: Why did Eagle Mountain prohibit fireworks?

Fact: Given persistent dry conditions, high winds, warmer temperatures and limited water resources, the Eagle Mountain City Council approved a resolution prohibiting fireworks in Eagle Mountain during the July 4 and July 24 (Pioneer Day) holiday celebrations.

Rumor: The library is too far away.

Fact: The farthest point in the Silverlake subdivision is approximately 6.9 miles from the library. That is roughly a 12 minute drive.

Rumor: The library doesn’t have much to offer.

Fact: The library currently holds over 61,300 physical items and over 90,000 digital items. We also have a collection of outdoor equipment for checkout, STEAM kits and more.

Rumor: Why isn’t Eagle Mountain Library part of Utah County system?

Fact: There is not a county-wide system in Utah County. Each library is independently run by the city it resides in. A county-wide system has never been set in place. However, Eagle Mountain Library is part of a North Utah County Cooperative that began in 2008. The libraries participating in it are Eagle Mountain, Lehi Library, American Fork Library, Pleasant Grove Library and Highland Library. An Eagle Mountain Library card allows you to use these other libraries at no extra cost, you just borrow items and return to the library borrowed from. It does not include programming such as story time.

Rumor: Working in the library would be great. They must sit and read all day.

Fact: We WISH! The library is very busy and reading at work is not an option. We do read after work so we can provide you with great recommendations.

Rumor: Is Neighborhood Improvement designed to punish small businesses?  

Fact: Neighborhood Improvement is designed to promote the health, safety and welfare of residents while securing a high quality of life through code compliance. Neighborhood Improvement staff simply enforce codified ordinances and help residents take responsibility for solving issues and concerns. The goal of neighborhood improvement is not to punish businesses but to maintain the physical appearance of the community through code standards.

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