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Rumor Stop

Welcome to Rumor Stop for Eagle Mountain City. This page is designed to address rumors residents have heard about the community and the City government. Please review the rumors that have already been addressed for answers to your questions. If there is a rumor not already addressed on this page, you can request an answer by filling out some basic information in the “Share a Rumor” section of this page.

Rumor Responses






Rumor: Are there any city rules about lawn care?  There are other cities that I am aware of in Utah that require that weeds be kept below a certain height or be fined by the city.

Fact: Eagle Mountain City relies on City Code 8.07.020, which states: It is unlawful for any person, corporation, partnership or legal entity owning or occupying real property in the city to let the height of weeds on such property grow beyond the maximum permitted. 

When will the tee pads be installed at the Pioneer Park disc golf course?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City anticipates installation of concrete tee boxes sometime in the fall or winter of 2022.

Rumor: How many birds are you allowed to have on residential property?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not regulate the number of birds allowed on residential property. A table with more information pertaining to this can be found in City Code 17.25.030.

Rumor: Are there plans to plant some trees along the graveyard walkway to give people some shade?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City currently does not have plans to plant trees in the City Cemetery. It is true that some landscaping needs will be assessed following the widening of Eagle Mountain Blvd.

Rumor: Are there any plans to locate more cell towers in the city?

Fact: There is a tower that is currently in the City’s building permit review process. Plans are to construct the tower in the next several months in the City Center area. The City frequently reviews modifications and additions to existing towers to add providers, etc.

Rumor: How will SB 152 and HB 282 affect current City codes? When could residents expect updated codes related to landscaping requirements?

Fact: Utah Senate Bill 152 encourages HOAs to develop standards for water efficient landscaping and to allow for the conservation of water in Utah. This is something the City has been anticipating for some time. Eagle Mountain City is actively working to update our landscape codes as a result of these two bills and persistent drought conditions in the state of Utah. Until the City adopts landscaping updates to its codes, residents are being encouraged to implement landscaping that is natural to the area and can thrive with reduced watering.

Rumor: How much water goes to industrial use in the city?

Fact: Industrial, which comprises Tyson and the Meta Data Center, use about 9% of the city’s water.

Rumor: Does Eagle Mountain have enough water?

Fact: The City has six wells that produce most of the city’s water supply. They also have a contract with Central Utah Water Conservancy District. The City plans ahead to accommodate drought conditions and growth of the city. City officials monitor irrigation water use to make recommendations on watering schedules as needs arise. While it is important to stay mindful of available water resources, Eagle Mountain City remains confident in its water availability given current growth.

Rumor: When is Eagle Mountain getting a rec center?

Fact: One of the most frequent requests that comes to the City is for a recreation center or specific recreation facilities that are typically found in a recreation center. Currently there is no firm timeline for the construction of a recreation center. Recreation centers are very costly facilities and in general are not fiscally self-sufficient. However, Eagle Mountain City staff are working to identify funding strategies that will allow us to build a quality recreation center of sufficient size and with desired amenities for a rapidly growing city while trying to avoid incurring significant debt. This may require constructing recreation center components separately in a modular fashion or other innovative approaches. Eagle Mountain City elected officials and staff know well the value recreation centers can provide and also recognize resident’s desire for their local government to manage their tax dollars wisely. We will continue to work hard to find an acceptable solution, even if it requires some trail blazing.

Rumor: Why does Eagle Mountain have so many explosions?

Fact: Eagle Mountain is located near two military bases, including the Tooele Army Depot and Camp Williams. The city is also home to two rock quarries and Kern River Gas Transmission. Residents are safe during these exercises and Eagle Mountain City is in regular communication with these entities and dedicates resources to build partnerships to meet the needs of residents and local industry.

Rumor: Why does the City/Planning insist on letting developers build housing on the remaining open land?

Fact: Utah state law allows private landowners the right to develop or improve their property in accordance with local zoning and development ordinances. Eagle Mountain City works with those landowners and developers to ensure the development is as beneficial to the community and future residents as possible. Part of that process is to ensure that the developer preserves open space through parks, trails, or native areas, as well as property for master-planned roads and other facilities. The requirement for open space preservation or road dedication, however, must have a reasonable relationship to the impacts of the project on the community. In other words, the City can only require so much before the property owner must be compensated for the land being preserved or dedicated. Eagle Mountain City has a Master Transportation Plan and a Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan to guide it’s decisions, but cannot simply prevent development in order to preserve more open space or slow down the growth.

Rumor: Why are Eagle Mountain’s streets so dark?

Fact: Eagle Mountain’s roads may appear relatively dark for several reasons. First, the City’s dark sky initiative regulates both the direction and intensity of street lighting to protect resident’s view of the night sky. Second, the City’s planning and streets departments work under direction from the City Council indicating that an open and rural feel will be maintained in the community. Finally, street lighting is erected as development occurs. Several collector roads have long stretches without adjacent development, meaning street lighting is often not in place. Eagle Mountain City regularly considers changes to lighting location when safety or other variables merit consideration.



Rumor: When are you going to repave the bike path to/from Mountain Trails Elementary school?

Fact: The developer overseeing that project has indicated the bike path in that area on Springwater Way will be repaved before winter. Eagle Mountain City has been in contact with the developer to encourage completion of the project.

Rumor: Is there going to be a light installed at the intersection of Major Street and Eagle Mountain Blvd?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City plans for a light at that intersection. Installation of the traffic light, however, is not part of the Eagle Mountain Blvd widening project. A timeline is not available for installation.

Rumor: As Eagle Mountain Blvd is expanding, are there any plans to protect the homes from possible car crashes? 

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not currently have plans to modify the fence along Eagle Mountain Boulevard. 

Rumor: We were told that the section of Lehi-Fairfield Rd that runs from EM Blvd to the rodeo grounds would be closed to through traffic and become an equestrian trail after Brandon Park subdivision construction was finished. Then someone said that it won’t be closed until Facebook construction is finish. Which of these is true?

Fact: Lehi-Fairfield Rd remaining in use is primarily the result of an alternative roadway required on the west side of Brandon Park for entry/exit. Once another road is built that can accommodate this need, plans currently call for Lehi-Fairfield Rd to be converted back to an equestrian trail. Considerations for the continued construction of the Meta Data Center play into the decision very little.

Rumor: With school starting in a few weeks, are there any plans to have a sidewalk, pathway, or open road to allow kids to actually get to Mountain Trails Elementary this year?

Fact: The City is staying mindful of the construction taking place in the area of Mountain Trails Elementary. Child and student safety is a top priority for both the school and for the City. Meetings have taken place to plan safe routes to school that accommodate the needs of the construction taking place in the area and the children who will be attended class during the week. Eagle Mountain City is hoping to have a route finalized by the end of the week, ending (7/31). That information has been posted on social media.

Rumor: As Eagle Mountain Blvd is expanding, are there any plans to protect the homes in north Sage Park and South Brandon Park from the noise and traffic?
Fact: Eagle Mountain City is not planning to install a sound wall or other barrier along Eagle Mountain Boulevard. Once complete, the roadway will shift slightly away from Sage Park. These improvements are not anticipated to affect south Brandon Park.

Rumor: Can you ride a 50cc moped type scooter on the road with out registering it?

Fact: Residents can ride an unregistered moped on the road in Eagle Mountain provided they are over the age of 8 and do not exceed 15 mph. For all other moped-related questions, we will refer residents to state code here.

Rumor: What are the rules for someone parking their car in front of your house for days on end while staying/living at the house across the street with plenty of open parking?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City has a few suggestions for parking on City streets. The sidewalk is intended for safe pedestrian travel, including children. Cars parked on sidewalks send pedestrians into the street. Park by your own house rather than in front of a neighbor’s house. If you feel you need to park by a neighbor’s house, make sure they are OK with it. Don’t park on, or near, a crosswalk; or by a fire hydrant, for obvious safety reasons. Park in a way that doesn’t block traffic or make it difficult to see around a corner. Park in your garage or driveway whenever possible. All other relevant information about on-street parking can be found in Eagle Mountain City Code 10.10.010.

Rumor: Is the rumor true that the stretch of road at the intersection of Woodhaven Blvd and Pony Express (the turn in for Silverlake residents) is actually owned by Saratoga Springs City and that city refuses to put in a light since it doesn’t serve its own residents?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City has been in talks with Saratoga Springs City for some time regarding the possibility of a traffic light at the intersection of Pony Express Parkway and Woodhaven Blvd. The intersection is split between Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. Previously, Saratoga Springs City has indicated the need for a traffic light further to the east on Pony Express Parkway to accommodate a future infrastructure project. This would have disallowed a traffic light at the intersection with Woodhaven Blvd. Talks have recently taken place to confirm that a traffic light will eventually be placed at the intersection of Pony Express and Woodhaven. Eagle Mountain City does not have a timeline for completion.

Rumor: When will there be a turn lane at the light on Eagle Mountain Blvd and Aviator Ave? All the traffic that goes right there to go to Brandon Park causes problems for others who are going straight.

Fact: Widening Eagle Mountain Blvd. is currently underway. New designs for the roadway call for two lanes in each direction of travel, which will allow traffic continuing toward SR-73 to remain unobstructed.  

Rumor: Is it true that there will be a road over the mountain that connects City Center to Saratoga Springs?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City anticipates there will be an additional road that better connects some of the areas around City Center to Saratoga Springs. We do not have a planned route for this new road, nor a timeline for completion.

Rumor: Is Lake Mountain Road being paved?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not currently include plans for improvements to Lake Mountain Road in its Transportation Master Plan. Eagle Mountain City acknowledges that many factors, including: new development, discussions with the Unified Fire Authority, and residents to fully pave Lake Mountain Road, are likely to weigh in future considerations for improvements. But given the complexity of land ownership between SITLA, the Bureau of Land Management, and private individuals and entities, the City anticipates those considerations will require significant time and planning before any action is taken.

Rumor: When will  SR-73 be widened?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is in regular communication with UDOT about the needs of SR-73. We will continue to work with our partners at the state level on any future plans to widen the highway, place traffic lights at relevant intersections and develop frontage roads. UDOT has completed an environmental assessment for a potential widening project and has a preliminary plan in place. SR-73 will be widened when UDOT obtains funding for the project. Eagle Mountain City takes resident safety concerns seriously. We ask motorists to remain mindful of their speed, their surroundings and road conditions on SR-73.

Rumor: When is Airport Road scheduled to connect Pony Express Parkway with SR-73?

Fact: Connecting Pony Express Parkway to SR-73 is part of a larger plan to remove traffic pressure from Pony Express Parkway (which currently sits at 20,000 vehicles/day) and more evenly distribute traffic between Eagle Mountain’s arterial roads. Funding will be sought from the state to complete this planned connection. A timeline for project completion will depend on available state dollars.

Rumor: Are there plans to extend the left turn lane at the intersection of Pony Express Parkway and Ranches Parkway?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City has developed plans to extend the left turn pocket on Pony Express Parkway eastbound at Ranches Parkway. This should help with traffic flow in the area during peak hours. There is no current timeline for completion of the work.

Rumor: Are there plans to extend Porter’s Crossing south of Golden Eagle Rd? There is a ton of dust for the homeowners.  

Fact: At some point in the future, Porter’s Crossing will extend south and connect to an east-west roadway planned for construction in Saratoga Springs. Without that roadway in Saratoga Springs, extending Porters Crossing is not an efficient use of City dollars. For now, Eagle Mountain City does not have plans to improve Porter’s Crossing south of Golden Eagle Rd.

Rumor: Are there any plans to run a freeway through Eagle Mountain, perhaps an offshoot of I-15?

Fact: UDOT has spent significant time working with planners and engineers to develop plans to invest millions of dollars in transportation projects that will accommodate the rapid growth of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. Some of these projects include an expansion of SR-73 into a freeway with frontage roads. Mountain View Corridor will also be expanded from 2100 North to Porter Rockwell Blvd., which will act as an alternative to I-15 for those living in Northwest Utah County. In the long-run, Mountain View Corridor is planned for expansion into a 35-mile freeway connecting I-80 and Utah County.

Rumor: Will Pony Express Parkway south of the roundabout be repaved soon?

Fact: Repaving Pony Express Parkway south of the roundabout at Eagle Mountain Boulevard to the Meta Data Center is part of the Streets department’s 2023 budget proposal. If the project receives approval, the work will be done within the next budget year, which begins in July 2022.

Rumor: There are about 300 yards of unpaved/unasphalted trail just on the north side of 73 across the street from Maverick, strange how the trail system just stops and starts back up again. What are the plans for completing this part of the paved trail system?

Fact: The existing trail was installed as part of the developer requirements for the subdivision to the south. This section is owned by UDOT and will be included in the widening of SR-73 when that work commences in the future. Any trail in this area will eventually need to be removed.


Economic Development

Rumor: What are the towers on Ingmar Hill by Hidden Hollow Elementary?

Fact: A building permit was issued in June for a tower that is part of the Sprint network.

Rumor: Are there any plans to build a car wash with individual car wash bays for self-service?

Fact: While Eagle Mountain City is aware of plans for car washes to locate in the community, these businesses do not currently have plans to offer self-service bays at their location.

Rumor: I heard that Chick-fil-A is coming. Is that true?

Fact: While there are a number of restaurants in the works throughout the City, we aren’t aware of any plans for a Chick-fil-A at this time.

Rumor: Is Eagle Mountain getting a Target?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is not aware of any plans for a Target to locate in the community at this time.

Rumor: Why does The Ranches get all the development?

Fact: Businesses of all sizes look at a variety of factors in deciding where to locate. If they feel that an area will be profitable, and fits their development requirements, they will explore development options. Eagle Mountain City proactively works with desired industries and businesses, along with the development community, in this process. Ultimately, the city cannot force a certain business to locate here and the businesses will go where they can best succeed.

Rumor: Is Eagle Mountain getting Google Fiber or another internet service provider?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City continues to connect with telecommunication providers to help them understand our growth and development patterns, but it is ultimately up to those providers to decide to enter this market. The City announced Comcast has plans to locate in the community.

Rumor: Does the City choose which businesses locate here?

Fact: Commercial businesses identify ideal locations for their businesses using various factors. Two of the main factors are the number of households in an area and the average daily trips of major nearby roadways. Because the Ranches developed first, and all of Eagle Mountain traffic must flow through there, businesses view that area as desirable. As City Center continues to rapidly grow, more businesses have begun to explore opportunities in that area, and we anticipate that will continue in the future.

Rumor: Is Eagle Mountain building a Main Street/Downtown area?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is in the very early stages of master planning a downtown area for the city. Timing for development of that downtown area is subject to the plans and interests of the property owners in that area. We intend to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from being a young city such as having somewhat of a blank canvas to work with and the ability to learn from the successes and failures of already established cities. The City recognizes the benefits a Main Street-like area can have on the cultural, economic and recreational interest of a community.

Rumor: Which restaurants are considering a location in City Center?

Fact: While many restaurants review Eagle Mountain for possible future locations, several have become serious possibilities. No development is official until a property has been acquired, a site plan has been approved by the Planning Commission and City Council, and a business license has been obtained. We can, however, inform residents which restaurants are seriously considering a location in City Center, according to the site developer.

Rumor: We’ve heard many things about developing the open land east of Pony Express across from Overland. What’s going there?

Fact: Much of the land east of Pony Express Parkway near Overland is actually part of Ivory’s Overland development. Their master plan for that area does contemplate a mixed-use commercial area in that space. That could include many different commercial uses mixed with some compatible residential units. At this time, there are no immediate plans to develop that area.

Rumor: Is Eagle Mountain getting a Wal-Mart?

Fact: We are not aware of any plans to bring in a Wal-Mart or a Sam’s Club at this time. We continue to work with the brokers and companies that potentially could locate here and we are seeing very high interest from retail companies in exploring development options here in Eagle Mountain.

Rumor: Is Eagle Mountain getting a fitness center?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is not aware of any plans for a private fitness facility at this time. The City is aware of a fitness equipment repair company with plans to locate in the community.

Rumor: Why are the lights so bright at some of the community’s major employers?

Fact: Eagle Mountain allows exceptions to some of its dark-sky initiative lighting standards. Locations that are under construction require additional lighting for the safety of site workers who may be performing projects during the evening and overnight hours.

Rumor: Why don’t we have any sit down restaurants or a bar n’ grill?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is in constant communication with a number of restaurants to locate in the community. Among these are sit down restaurants and bar n’ grill-type restaurants. Due to the city’s current population and current economic climate, many restaurants have not previously considered locating in Eagle Mountain. Growth projections for this area, however, have changed their considerations in recent months and years. While nothing is finalized just yet, the City can confirm there are several interested restaurants that would fit this description.




Rumor: Is there going to be another elementary school built near Overland in the next year?

Fact: The Alpine School District owns property in Overland’s Village 2, which is north of the existing neighborhood. The district has submitted a site plan application for the school and has plans to open the school by fall 2023.

Rumor: I hear Eagle Mountain is going to build a fishing reservoir park for the public to fish in. Is this true?

Fact: This concept has been considered by Eagle Mountain City in prior years but there are no active plans to pursue a fishing reservoir park at this time. 

Rumor: Where in Eagle Mountain can I take larger trash items (broken furniture, old rugs, broken appliances, etc.) that won’t fit in regular trash cans?

Fact: Residents have a couple of options. They can always take their items to the Intermountain Regional Landfill in Fairfield. Eagle Mountain City provides two free dump passes per calendar year. Residents can also take advantage of the annual community clean-up dumpsters in the spring and fall.

Rumor: Has the observatory in Walden Park been canceled?

Fact: Designs are currently being completed for the new observatory in Walden Park. Eagle Mountain City is anticipating construction to begin in the fall of this year with the project completed in the spring of 2023.

Rumor: What kind of construction is happening along Pony Express Parkway just west of Hidden Hollow Elementary? Why is the mountain being moved?

Fact: Site prep work is underway for the future site of Well #7. This will help Eagle Mountain City expand its available water resources. Typically, these projects take one year from site preparation to completion. The City is currently anticipating taking Well #7 through a formal bid process, which may extend the timeline to completion. 

Rumor: Charging electric vehicles is difficult due to a lack of infrastructure. Is the City working on this?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City currently has no plans to install Electric Vehicle charging stations in the community. Limiting factors such as power accessibility, anticipated use, cost, and private sector impacts are part of that decision. Through surveys, the City has determined an insufficient demand for this service to be provided by the City and has further found that the private sector may eventually resolve the issue.

Rumor: Is anything being done to protect Eagle Mountain’s amazing bike trails within City limits?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City will soon be soliciting the services of a consultant to help us update our Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, focused mainly on recreational and off-street trails. That project will include input from the community and from community partners involved with open space and outdoor recreation. The City is also working with a developer to improve a couple of large trailheads in the Hidden Hollow / Hidden Valley area. The first trailhead should be completed within the next month. We are also working closely with the BLM to expand our trail system further up into the hills.

Rumor: Does the city have plans to partner with a rain collection barrel company so residents can opt in or learn about rain water collection to help with drought conditions?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City is aware of programs such as this. We are currently learning more to better understand whether this can be implemented in Eagle Mountain. We do not have a timeline for implementation.

Rumor: CC&Rs say residents may not park on streets. But the street is a public street maintained by the city. Can they fine the homeowners/tow them? Or will the City?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not govern the HOAs that have CC&Rs. Generally, HOAs have the ability in their billing process to issue fines to residents. However, if vehicles are parked on city-owned streets, not private streets marked in blue, the City can enforce that under the City Code.

Rumor: When will Eagle Mountain get more UTA busses and routes?

Fact: Utah Transit Authority, in addition to the Mountainland Association of Governments and the cities of Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, recently completed the Northwest Utah County Transit Study. This plan calls for the construction of new park-and-ride facilities in the area, including Eagle Mountain that can be used to support additional bus service. Site selection still  needs to take place, but funding for these new park-and-ride facilities is already being prioritized by UTA’s Capital Projects group. Once implemented, additional UTA bus service would support Eagle Mountain. A timeline for completion has not yet been finalized.

Rumor: Do I have to have grass in my backyard? Or I can do more natural landscaping to cut down on water use?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not have a turf requirement for the rear yard. Property owners should be aware that the rear yard is required to be landscaped or fenced with a privacy fence within two years of occupancy. The City is encouraging residents to install water wise landscaping due to the state’s ongoing drought conditions. There is no turf requirement in the rear yard, but it needs to be landscaped (or fenced with a privacy fence) within two years of occupancy. Residents are encouraged to follow guidelines set by their HOA to ensure compliance as well.

Rumor: Will Cedar Valley Airport become a residential airpark?

Fact: The City has considered a few proposals regarding Cedar Valley Airport in the past. There are currently no proposals to make changes to the airport at this time.

Rumor: Are they building a fire station between Pony Express and Tumwater Lane

Fact: This is true. Construction is currently underway to build this new facility.

Rumor: With all of the homes being built and people moving in, why haven’t we seen more schools, elementary through high school being built?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City provides the Alpine School District with information about the community’s growth. The school board for ASD ultimately makes decisions on any land acquisition and construction for schools planned in Eagle Mountain.

Rumor: When is Eagle Mountain City getting a Police Department?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City will form its own independent police department when it is fiscally prudent to do so and the safety of the residents requires it. The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has been a tremendous partner in Eagle Mountain and has done fantastic work serving the residents of Eagle Mountain with limited resources and personnel. Recent analysis of police services demonstrated that creating a new police department is very costly and maintaining the same level of service with an independent police department would also cost more annually compared to maintaining our arrangement with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. Eagle Mountain City recognizes that an independent police department may soon become necessary and has already taken several steps to prepare for that eventual change to ensure a smooth transition.

Rumor: The contracted Utah County Sheriffs are not required to stay in Eagle Mountain for the entire 12 hour shift. Why would the City waste over 5 million dollars a year on a police force NOT required to spend the entire shift in the city that pays for them? 

Fact: Utah County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to Eagle Mountain work exclusively in the city during their shift. There are exceptions that involve their commutes from neighboring communities or assisting neighboring agencies like Saratoga Springs City police. By contracting through the Utah County Sheriff’s office, Eagle Mountain residents also gain access to additional sheriff’s deputy resources such as the SWAT team, detectives, evidence management, and additional support if the need arises. This makes Eagle Mountain’s service remain efficient and keeps costs low.

Rumor: Is Neighborhood Improvement designed to punish small businesses?  

Fact: Neighborhood Improvement is designed to promote the health, safety and welfare of residents while securing a high quality of life through code compliance. Neighborhood Improvement staff simply enforce codified ordinances and help residents take responsibility for solving issues and concerns. The goal of neighborhood improvement is not to punish businesses but to maintain the physical appearance of the community through code standards.

Rumor: By allowing so much growth and development, it appears the City doesn’t seem to care about the wildlife in this area. Is that true?

Fact: It is true that development impacts and/or changes wildlife habitat and habits. Eagle Mountain City is working on a variety of conservation efforts to protect local wildlife populations. An example is the partnership the City has developed with the State Department of Wildlife Resources and other conservation entities to work to become the first city in Utah to preserve a migration corridor through the city to allow the local mule deer population to travel between the Lake Mountains and the Oquirrh Mountains. The City is always working with its partners and with landowners to balance wildlife conservation/preservation with private property rights and with the needs of the community at large (safety, transportation, recreation, etc.) and will continue to work to achieve a proper balance.

Rumor: What is the City doing to protect some of the area’s prehistoric rock imagery?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City has recently worked with the Utah State Historic Preservation office to preserve and restore some of the prehistoric rock imagery in the community. Cataloging the sites has also been a critical component of the state’s work to track and better understand the area’s history. Removing graffiti and taking steps to conserve these potentially sacred sites is part of these efforts. The City is currently exploring ideas to best preserve some of the community’s ancient sites for generations.

Rumor: When is Eagle Mountain getting a post office?

Fact: The cities of Lehi, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain are aware of the demand on the Lehi USPS facility and the desire of residents for a new post office facility. The cities and the USPS are in preliminary talks regarding the potential for a new Post Office facility in Eagle Mountain or Saratoga Springs, but at this time there are no official plans.

Rumor: Does the City have control over HOA fees?

Fact: Eagle Mountain City does not have control over HOAs and the fees they apply to homeowners. HOAs are private contracts between homeowners within a development.

Rumor: We’ve heard Eagle Mountain has varying levels of hard water depending on which well is being drawn from. Is this true?

Fact: Eagle Mountain can confirm that each well produces its own hardness. The distribution system, however, blends the wells depending on the time of year each well is used. The City is anticipating receiving new numbers addressing this very issue this year and will share that with the public in the summer of 2022.

Rumor: Indeed, after the owl habitat destruction, the rumor appears to be true that you don’t care about wildlife impact – only money matters. 

Fact: A small section of Tickville Wash near a planned residential housing development was approved for reshaping and re-sloping to ensure the integrity of the cliffside and create a safer environment for residents and children who will be recreationally using that area. After being made aware of the potential for protected animal life, Eagle Mountain City stopped construction work on the site. For weeks, Eagle Mountain City staff and elected representatives worked with the developer and representatives from local wildlife advocacy groups to ensure the needs of the wildlife potentially present in the area were heavily considered. Solutions included working with expert consultants and local wildlife advocates to assess the animals potentially located in the wash, the installation of owl boxes, planting trees to accommodate the wildlife in the area, and attempting to save a section of the cliffside where roosting holes appeared to be present. Unfortunately, a fracture in the cliffside that had been present since at least 2021 and was the site of the roosting holes, was unable to be saved and work commenced once again to reshape the slope on that section of the wash. Eagle Mountain City is committed to conserving wildlife and open space in the Cedar Valley and has taken steps such as the creation of a Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan, hiring for a Wildlife Biologist/Environmental Planner to more heavily consider conservation in our planning efforts, and are currently in the process of considering a Wildlife Advisory Panel or Board. Reasonable steps are being taken to consider the needs of conservation in the community.


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