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Economic Development Showcase

Launch Toward your Business Goals in Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain City has created an ideal environment for businesses of all sizes to find success. Utah’s growth is heavily directed to Eagle Mountain and we are ready to meet your infrastructure, workforce, and other development needs. As a member of the Eagle Mountain community, you will be joining other very successful businesses who call Eagle Mountain Home including Meta (Facebook), Google, Tyson Foods, Maceys Grocery, and many others. We are looking for businesses from a diversity of industries to plant their flags in various locations across our 50 square miles of land. View the below resources to see why it could be a good fit:



Visioning & Planning


Industrial Development

Facebook/Meta Data Center: Enterprise level datacenter project totaling approximately 4.5 million square feet over 500 acres. This datacenter development is one of Meta’s largest and represents a significant investment into Eagle Mountain and the State of Utah. Meta has been very involved in the community and a great partner in several endeavors to support STEM education, the arts, and much more.

Tyson Foods Case Ready Plant: State of the art facility that manages cutting, portioning, and distribution of high-quality meat products. The facility boasts incredible use of modern and first-of-its-kind innovations to maximize safety, cleanliness, and efficiency. The facility employs over 800 workers at competitive wages and has room for additional expansion. Tyson Foods entered Eagle Mountain with the intent to challenge competition in the western United States and has been a great asset to the community.

Google Data Center: This enterprise level datacenter project will be built directly east of the Facebook/Meta datacenter project and utilize the latest technologies to ensure maximum cooling efficiencies.

QTS: This collocation datacenter project will result in $2 billion worth of investment into Eagle Mountain and rival the footprint of the Facebook/Meta datacenter. QTS will not be using water cooling and plans to be active in the community as well.



Several other datacenter projects are currently in the works, potentially resulting in over $60 billion dollars of investment into Eagle Mountain.

Retail Development

Porters Crossing Town Center: This retail district encompasses approximately 18 acres of development that includes Ridleys and Ace Hardware as anchors, several fast food such as McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and Dominoes Pizza, as well as medical office spaces and several very successful small businesses. This district is approved to be expanded to include the 17 acres to the east and currently brokers are reviewing dozens of letters of intent. The future site will include additional retail, medical office space, and a hotel site.

Eagle Mountain Marketplace: Following the heals of the surge of datacenter construction activity, this retail district in the south end of the city has exploded in growth. Macey’s grocery anchors the site, with 18 acres of additional development underway to include additional businesses such as Wendys, Taco Bell, several banking institutions, Subway, Crumbl, Chipotle, Wing Stop, and various small businesses. The area has additional capacity to double in size and will expect to sell pads up to 20,000 square feet within the same vicinity, but additional acreage is available on the east side of Pony Express Pkwy.

Ranches Crossing: The high-traffic intersection of Ranches Pkwy and Pony Express Pkwy makes the Ranches Crossing area a great location, as evidenced by Applebees announcing the construction of their second largest restaurant in the nation in this space.

Wal-Mart: Eagle Mountain City is currently working with Wal-Mart to site a new supercenter along SR-73. This project comes sooner than expected, but is evidence that Eagle Mountain has grown considerably faster than anyone could imagine.



Eagle Mountain City staff is working with property owners throughout Eagle Mountain to open additional opportunities for retail development. Please reach out to the Economic Development Director, Evan Berrett at eberrett@emcity.org or 801-789-6645 for more information on progress of these efforts.

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