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Human Resources

Your Department Contact:

Angela Valenzuela

Human Resources Manager

Office: (801) 789-6604

Email: avalenzuela@emcity.org

Additional Resources:

Chas Glenn

Executive Assistant

Office: 801-789-6603

Email: cglenn@emcity.org

Working for Eagle Mountain

Whether you’re looking to build skills and relationships for a future opportunity, or you want to find a workplace where you can be part of a phenomenal team for the long term, Eagle Mountain City is a great place to work. Our unique approach to management hierarchies, skills development, and employee benefits provide our employees plenty of opportunity for growth, creativity, and innovation while helping them to more effectively care for their lives outside of work.

Our Human Resources Department handles all postings of employment opportunities with the City and provides information to new employees regarding benefits, policies and procedures. We invite you to contact Human Resources to learn more about working for Eagle Mountain City. Search job postings below. If you have questions about any of the jobs posted below, contact Human Resources Manager Angela Valenzuela using the contact information above.


Employee Benefits

(Full Time Only)

Health Insurance– MotivHealth HSA high deductible medical plan is available. This medical plan offers coverage for yourself and your legal dependents. Dental and Vision plans are also available. Full-time employees are eligible for medical, vision, and dental insurance benefits on the first day of the next month following the employee’s start date (ex. if you start on Nov. 15, benefits will begin on Dec. 1). The City contributes to your HSA account per pay period.

Machine Readable Files – MotivHealth Insurance Company

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment– Basic insurance is provided to you and your eligible dependents at no cost to you. The Basic Life benefit amounts are employee $50,000, spouse $5,000, and eligible children $2,500 (age 6 months to 19 years, 25 if full-time student), $500 (age 14 days to 6 months).

Long Term Disability (LTD)- Long-term disability insurance at 66.67% of salary is provided to all full-time employees. There is a 90- day elimination period.

Retirement (Pension and Retirement Savings) Utah Retirement Systems

  • Participation in a Utah Retirement System (URS) pension plan is mandatory for most employees. Plans vary based upon employee’s hire date. The City pays all or a portion depending on which URS plan the employee is eligible to participate in. This valuable benefit provides retirement income based upon salary, length of service and/or contributions. Visit the URS website for more information (urs.org).
  • 401(k) and 457 Plan- Eagle Mountain City will match up to 6.2% of an employee’s contribution to a 401(k) or 457 plan approved by the City. The employee contribution is paid through payroll deductions which are withheld before income taxes are calculated and are not considered to be taxable income until they are withdrawn. The entire balance of the account may be refunded to the employee at retirement or termination. Balances may be subject to early withdrawal penalties and taxes.

Paid Time Off Schedule– (26 yearly pay periods)

  • 144 hrs./yr. for employees less than 2 years into employment (5.54 hrs. per pay period)
  • 156 hrs./yr. for employees with 2-5 years of service (6 hr.s per pay period)
  • 168 hrs./yr. for employees with 5-10 years of service (6.47 hrs. per pay period)
  • 180 hrs./yr. for employees with 10+ years of service (6.93 hrs. per pay period)

Educational & Tuition Reimbursement– Full-time employees may qualify for Education and Tuition reimbursement in accordance with City Policy, not to exceed $1,500 in a fiscal year and subject to budget constraints.

City Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for a position, complete the application and submit your resume and cover letter as instructed. Your application will be reviewed in the order it was received. If you are invited to interview, you will receive a phone call to schedule a time that accommodates your schedule as much as possible.

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