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Drone Operations

Why & How Eagle Mountain City uses a Drone

Eagle Mountain City obtained a sUAS or drone in 2017 to reduce the time and costs associated with numerous tasks that required accessing remote areas, significant time dedicated to travel, and at times performing work that a drone could do far more safely.

Drone operations performed by Eagle Mountain City must abide by the Eagle Mountain City sUAS operational use policy which can be found at the link below. This policy includes a list of approved uses, measures to maintain safety, and precautions related to transparency and privacy. To maintain a high-standard of transparency, Eagle Mountain City posts on this page information regarding operations that will be taking place 24-hours prior to the start of an operation.

Eagle Mountain City sUAS Operational Use Policy

If you have any questions about Eagle Mountain City’s drone use, the employee use policy, or similar, please contact our Management Analyst at 801-789-6645.

2/20/201811:00 AM1 HourRuby Valley/ Heatherwood/Prairie Gate Business ParkFootage of land that have received applications for purchase for the benefit of City Council.
2/26/20187:20 AM 40 MinutesHidden HollowFootage of intersection to record traffic congestion for acquiring additional road construction funds.
3/8/20181:30 PM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkFootage of park construction progress
3/9/201810:00 AM30 MinutesCemeteryBefore footage of Cemetery prior to improvements being made.
4/10/20189:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkFootage of park construction progress
4/25/201810:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkFootage of park construction progress
5/7/20189:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkFootage of park construction progress
5/21/20189:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkFootage of park construction progress
5/21/201810:00 AM30 MinutesLake Mountain Rd.Footage of Property for development questions
5/21/201811:00 AM30 MinutesCV High SchoolFootage of high school progress
6/7/201810:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkFootage of park construction progress
6/7/2018 10:30 AM30 MinutesCemeteryFootage of new gazebo at cemetery
6/13/20189:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkAerial still images for GIS mapping
6/28/201810:00 AM1 HourCory Wride ParkFull park review after park completion
6/29/20188:00 AM1 HourCory Wride ParkRemaining park review footage
6/30/201810:00 AM1 HourCory Wride ParkPark opening event
7/27/20189:00 AM30 MinutesCory Wride ParkAerial photography of completed park
8/3/20189:00 AM2 HoursVarious ParksPhotographing pavilion locations
10/1/20189:00 AM2 HoursMultiple LocationsAerial footage for intern promo video
4/12/201910:00 AM1 HourWaste Water Plant, New Water TankAerial photography for monitoring of project progress
4/19/201910:00 AM1 HourWaste Water Treatment PlantMonitor progress of project
4/26/201910:00 AM1 HourScenic Mountain AreaAerial photography of land potentially to be used for an entry monument
5/20/20191:00 PM1 HourMultiple LocationsMonitor Progress of new Well and Waste Water Plant expansion