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Your Department Contact:

Ifo Pili

City Administrator

Office: (801) 789-6603

Fax: (801) 789-6649

Email: ipili@emcity.org

Additional Resources:

Paul Jerome

Assistant City Administrator / Finance Director

Office: (801) 789-6606


Email: pjerome@emcity.org

Angela Valenzuela

Executive Assistant / HR Tech

Office: (801) 789-6603

Fax: (801) 789-6649

Email: avalenzuela@emcity.org

The City Administrator

The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer for the City and as such supervises all other departments and employees either directly or indirectly. It is the Administrator’s responsibility to carry out the policies and programs established by the City Council and to organize and direct the management of the executive affairs of the City in a manner consistent with municipal ordinances.

In addition to these and other responsibilities, the Administrator is to submit to the City Council such plans, programs, reports and recommendations that, in his judgment, will accomplish the purposes of good government within Eagle Mountain.


Administration Department

The Administration Department consists of the City Administrator’s office, Economic Development, Communications & Community Relations, and Human Resources.

The Economic Development Director

Actively coordinates the development and execution of an economic development strategy aimed at enabling quality businesses to locate in Eagle Mountain City. Also coordinates with the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce to support the existing small and large businesses located in Eagle Mountain City.

The Communications & Community Relations Director

Communicates to residents, businesses, and the media, timely information pertaining to the City. Manages all City communication channels including the website, social media, newsletter, and notification systems. Supervises community events.

The Human Resources Director

Handles all postings of employment opportunities with the City and provides information to new employees regarding benefits and policies and procedures.