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Boards and Commissions

Click here to view current Board and Commission vacancies and to apply to serve.

*Note: Eagle Mountain City does provide opportunities to fulfill court-ordered service requirements.

Meeting Notifications

To receive notification of City board and committee meetings and agendas, please visit the Utah Public Meeting Notice Website at www.utah.gov/pmn/index.html and follow these instructions:

  1. After searching for a notice of the public body, click on any posting for that public body.
  2. This page gives the notice details. On the right side of the public notice details are the subscription options.
  3. To subscribe to a public body, select the type of subscription you want (RSS feed or email). By subscribing to a public body, you will be notified of any new notices as well as any updates to current notices published on the website for that public body.

Board Members

  • Steve Conger, through December 2025
  • Corbin Wade, through December 2025
  • Heather Jackson, through December 2026
  • Jennifer Webb, through December 2026
  • (Vacancy)

If you are interested in being considered for any future Cemetery Advisory Board positions, click here to apply.  

City Council Liaison

  • Councilmember Donna Burnham

The Pony Express Memorial Cemetery was inaugurated on Monday, May 30, 2016, with local dignitaries as well as Eagle Mountain City residents in attendance.

Members of the Cemetery Advisory Board are authorized to consider, investigate, and explore all aspects of cemetery issues.  They may make recommendations to the City Council for the planning and continued operation of the City cemetery in accordance with the General Plan.  The board may also establish contact with State and Federal authorities to provide funding, expertise, or other assistance for cemetery facility planning, operation, and development, but may not conduct binding negotiations on behalf of the City without authorization from the City Council.

The board consists of five members from the public at large, appointed for four-year terms.

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Board Members

  • Angelina Arnold, through December 2024
  • Dillon Boss, through December 2024
  • Shelly Way, through December 2024
  • Stephanie Corless, through December 2025
  • Adelle Curtis, through December 2025
  • Michelle Mooney, through December 2025
  • Amber Worthen, through December 2025

To contact a board member: EMAIL to libraryboard@emcity.org.

If you are interested in being considered for any future Library Advisory Board positions, click here to apply.  

City Council Liaison

  • Councilmember Melissa Clark

The Library Board is made up of individuals who are dedicated to the Eagle Mountain Library and enjoy being an active part of our community.

Some responsibilities of the Library Board include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • To determine the purpose of the library, and to adopt written policies to govern the operation and program of the library;
  • To determine the program and needs of the library in relation to the community and to keep abreast of standards and library trends;
  • To assist in securing funds to carry on the library program;
  • To establish, support, and participate in a planned public relations programs;
  • To assist in the preparation of the annual budget and approve the final document;
  • To know local and State laws and to actively support library legislation in the State and Nation;
  • To establish library policies dealing with book and materials selection; and
  • To attend all board meetings and see that accurate records are kept on file at the library.

Bylaws of the Eagle Mountain Library Board


Volunteers are always needed at the library. Working in the library, reading aloud, or helping with the summer reading program are some of the ways volunteers have assisted with the needs of the library. Volunteers must be at least 14 years or older. Applications must be signed by a parent/guardian for anyone under the age of 18.

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Board Members

  • Adam Clark, through December 2025
  • Rod Hess, through December 2025
  • Melissa MacPherson, through December 2025
  • (Vacancy), through December 2025
  • Kevin Courtright, through December 2026
  • Spencer Dalton, through December 2026
  • Colby Webb, through December 2026

If you are interested in being considered for any future Parks and Recreation Advisory Board positions, click here to apply.  

City Council Liaison

  • Councilmember Jared Gray

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board recommends policies and programs to the City Council for consideration.  The Board may also initiate, provide, and recommend from time to time plans for the acquisition, construction, maintenance, equipping, operation, programming, management, financing, and regulation of public parks, parkways, playgrounds, play fields, and other recreational programs and facilities owned by the City which would be a benefit to residents.

The Board consists of seven members serving three-year terms.


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Commission Members

  • Jason Allen, through December 2025
  • Brent Strong, through December 2025
  • Robert Fox, through December 2026
  • Rod Hess, through December 2026
  • Craig Whiting, through December 2026
  • Alternate: Bryan Free, through December 2025

You can email the Planning Commission at planningcommission@emcity.org.

If you are interested in being considered for any future Planning Commission positions, click here to apply.   

City Council Liaison

  • Councilmember Brett Wright


The Planning Commission is a five-person, appointed body that reviews all matters related to development and land use. Every city in Utah is required by law to have a functioning Planning Commission. Members of the Planning Commission are dedicated volunteers who care about the community and who have an interest in land use issues. The duration of each appointment is generally three years.


The Planning Commission reviews current development proposals and land use issues within the City, and helps guide planning of future land uses, transportation routes, parks and open spaces, etc. In some land use matters, the Planning Commission is the final decision-making body. These matters include Home Businesses, Accessory Apartments, Conditional Use Permits, Preliminary Plats, and Variances. On other land use matters, the Planning Commission serves as an advisory body that makes formal recommendations to the City Council. Such matters include the General Plan, Development Code, Sign Regulations, Rezones, Site Plans, and Final Plats. As the Planning Commission reviews the various land use proposals listed above, their main criteria in making a decision or recommendation is based on ensuring that such proposals comply with the existing Development Code of the City.


All Planning Commission meetings are open to the public. While there is not a general “public comment” portion of the meetings, many proposals that are reviewed by the Planning Commission include a public comment portion that is specific to that proposal.


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Board Members

  • Joan Murri, through December 2025
  • Sandra Ring, through December 2025
  • Joye Roberts, through December 2025
  • Annette Arndt, through December 2027
  • Karan Heffelfinger, through December 2027
  • (Vacancy), through December 2027

If you are interested in being considered for any future Senior Citizens Advisory Council positions, click here to apply.  

City Council Liaison

  • Councilmember Melissa Clark

The Senior Citizens Advisory Council provides activities and resources for Eagle Mountain residents ages 50 and older. They also make recommendations to the City Council with respect to programs and facilities for senior citizens. Senior Council members are appointed for four-year terms.

Information about weekly Senior activities may be found on our City Events Calendar.

Contact Information

Email: seniorcouncil@emcity.org

Address: Senior Center
1632 E. Heritage Drive
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005
(801) 789-6660

Senior Center New Member Application

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