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Mental and Emotional Health Resources


Utah DCFS – Child Protective Services

Utah DCFS – Domestic Violence

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (domestic and sexual violence)


Utah Parent Center

Mental Health Resources

211 (United Way) – Education/Prevention, Treatment, Support Groups, and Other Resources

NAMI Utah – Mental Health Programs and Support for Families, Caregivers, and Individuals Living with Mental Illness

National Institute of Mental Health

United Way – Everyday Strong Anxiety/Depression Youth Resilience Training

Utah County Health

Utah Department of Human Services

Wasatch Behavioral Health (Medicaid)

Substance Abuse/Addiction

211 – substance abuse/addiction resources

Utah Department of Human Services

If you are struggling with substance abuse and need help from an addiction support group click here.


According to the Utah Department of Health, suicide is a major public health problem in Utah.  An average of 627 Utahns die from suicide and 4,574 Utahns attempt suicide each year.  Please seek help from a medical professional if you are struggling with mental or emotional health.  The Utah crisis line is 1-800-273-TALK.

Overall, Utah males (34.2 per 100,000 population) had a significantly higher suicide rate compared to Utah females in every age group (11.5 per 100,000 population).   Approximately three out of every four suicide deaths in Utah are males.  However, Utah females had significantly higher ED visit and hospitalization rates for suicide attempts compared to Utah males.  Males were more likely than females to have had a crisis within two weeks of their death such as intimate partner problems, job problems, school problems, and criminal problems.  Females were more likely to have a diagnosed mental illness, be receiving current mental illness treatment, have a history of mental illness treatment, have left a suicide note, and have a history of suicide attempts compared to males. Suicide is a complex issue, however, and doesn’t have a single cause (ie; recent relationship problems) since many factors contribute to a person experiencing suicidality.  For more information visit http://health.utah.gov/vipp/topics/suicide/.

Click here to take a health assessment with the Utah Department of Human Services.  For additional resources, visit the Utah Department of Human Services website.

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