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Special Permits/Licensing

Permit & Licensing Assistance

If you have questions or need assistance regarding the permits and licensing described below, please reach out to our Business Licensing Specialist at (801) 789-6634 or at jrose@emcity.org. For additional information regarding filming in Eagle Mountain, please reach out to our Communications and Community Relations Director at (385) 272-4017 or tmaffitt@emcity.org.

Film Permits

Child Care Services

The Utah State Department of Health, Bureau of Child Care Licensing has additional requirements for daycare providers and certain preschools.

Child Care Resource for Providers & Parents

Soliciting in Eagle Mountain

Residential Solicitation is permitted in Eagle Mountain if Solicitors acquire the necessary license and follow City Code. To obtain an active solicitation license, please use the link below and submit it to the City Recorder’s office prior to engaging in any residential solicitation. Residential solicitation is not permitted until the license is issued. Each solicitor from a business must be licensed. If the solicitor does not appear in the list below, the solicitor is not permitted to engage in residential solicitation in Eagle Mountain City.

Active Solicitation License Application

Please review the Eagle Mountain City Code regarding residential solicitation.

Penalties include:

Those violating any terms or provisions will be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor and will be punished by a fine up to $1,000 and/or a jail sentence up to six months.


  • Door-to-door solicitation means: the practice of engaging in or attempting to engage in conversation with any person at a residence, whether or not that person is a competent individual, while making or seeking to make or facilitate a home solicitation sale, or attempting to further the sale of goods or services.
  • Solicitation means any of the following activities
    • Seeking to obtain sales or orders for the exchange of goods, wares, merchandise or perishables of any kind, for any kind of remuneration or consideration, regardless of whether advance payment is sought.
    • Seeking to obtain prospective customers to apply for or to purchase insurance, subscriptions to publications, or publications.
    • Seeking to obtain contributions of money or any other thing of value for the benefit of any person or entity.
    • Seeking to obtain orders or prospective customers for goods or services.
    • Seeking to engage in individual conversation at a residence for the purpose of promoting or facilitating the receipt of information regarding religious belief, political position, charitable conduct, or a home solicitation sale
    • Other activities falling within the commonly accepted definition of soliciting, such as hawking or peddling.


  • No other City license or approval is required
  • Solicitation is generally prohibited without a license granted by the City
  • No Solicitation Notices: If a resident displays a No Solicitation sign near the main entrance door or near the property line adjacent to the sidewalk leading to the residence, you must not knock on the door, ring the doorbell, or otherwise attract attention of occupants and desist from any efforts to solicit at the residence. It is the responsibility of the solicitor to check each residence for such signs or notices.
  • Any solicitor who is at any time asked by an occupant of a residence or dwelling to leave must immediately and peacefully depart. 
  • The Solicitor shall present and obtain signature regarding a written statement which informs the buyer of the right to cancel within the third business day after signing an agreement to purchase.

Active Solicitation Licenses

CompanySolicitorExpired Date
Triton Home Care 801-500-3094Michael Srygler01/31/2025
Elite Windows/Ostrom Trowbridge Home Services 801-610-9107Calvin Howell 801-755-587105/16/2025
ES Solar (801) 614-0606Ryan Trejo 09/30/2024
North Roofing & Exteriors LLC 435-817-3651 Justin Spinks06/27/2025
SouthWestern Advantage 435-525-0716Enrico Damoc06/12/2025
Ronald Tucker 801-618-782Ronald Tucker (Fruit Guy)06/17/2025
Tono Build LLC 385-283-7904Batsaikhan Aruin-Erdene06/24/2025
Roofing and Restoration By Romney 801-928-3325Robert Woodruff06/27/2025

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