Solicited development services could lead to future downtown

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Eagle Mountain City is still in the early planning stages for a downtown area, but plans took a recent step forward. At the Feb. 21 Eagle Mountain City Council Meeting, City Economic Development Director Evan Berrett presented a bid award recommending that Downtown Redevelopment Services be awarded the ability to build concepts for a future… Read more »

Winter reappears in Eagle Mountain

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After several mild winters with little snowfall, Eagle Mountain has experienced a plentiful winter. Current snowpack, as of today, from 8-20 inches was reported depending on the location and elevation, according to Living in a desert region, one might think that would mean dry and hot, but in the Cedar Valley, a rich array… Read more »

Winter inversion reminder of air quality challenges

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Residents of Eagle Mountain have probably noticed a heavy layer of polluted air hanging over the valleys. The entire Wasatch Front faces significant air quality challenges in both summer and winter. Winter inversion During winter, the unique topography, consisting of high mountain ranges to the east that prevent pollution from dissipating, combined with high pressure… Read more »

Climatologist: Water conservation needed despite strong winter precipitation

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It has been a banner year for precipitation here in Eagle Mountain, as well as the entire state of Utah. After years of low snow totals, the weather pattern has shifted, according to Utah State University researcher and assistant state climatologist Dr. Jon Meyer. Many residents are asking why Utah has experienced so many storms?… Read more »

Community fun the focus of 2023 City events

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Eagle Mountain City is known for its free, family-friendly events. In addition, the City Events department is regularly recognized for providing award-winning, all-inclusive adaptive events programming. That trend is expected to continue in 2023. The annual Easter Egg Hunt, Community Clean-Up, movies in the park, Summer Concert, Summer Bash & Laser Show, Ties and Tiaras,… Read more »

New Year, new tips for exercising outdoors in the winter

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Most runners want to know when it is too cold to run outside. There are no clear-cut rules under which all experts agree. It is ultimately the runner’s personal tolerance and comfort level. Runners with conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Raynaud’s syndrome and low body fat may be particularly sensitive to running in… Read more »

Keeping pets safe in cold winter temperatures

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Golden Retriever sitting in the snow

With the dangerously frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing, Eagle Mountain City would like to remind pet owners of the dangers of leaving dogs outside for extended periods of time. Hypothermia can kill Dogs can experience hypothermia just like humans. According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), this condition can be fatal. Even… Read more »