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Technology Overlay Zone

About the RTI Overlay Zone

The Overlay Zone has been applied to two major sites in the city known as Pole Canyon and Eagle Mountain Properties. It opens up a special approval process for qualifying businesses. It does this by making the areas less regulated and employing more development-friendly standards.

Who is Eligible?

Projects that will include a minimum of 100 or more permanent jobs after construction or that include a minimum of 100,000 square feet of building floor area in a building or buildings within a single phase of development. Eligible industries include:

  • Corporate campuses or offices
  • Electronic data management businesses
  • Laboratory and testing services (use of animal testing and experimentation is prohibited)
  • Clean manufacturing businesses (no negative impact on air quality)
  • Research and development uses
  • Warehouses
  • and more…

How the Process Works

  1. Application: Project applicants shall submit a complete RTI Site Plan application.
  2. Development Review Committee (DRC): Upon receipt of a complete application, the DRC shall review all aspects of the application and provide the applicant with required changes within five business days. The DRC shall provide feedback or a final decision within five business days of each submittal or re-submittal, and may approve the application with conditions to be completed during construction or require re-submittal with changes prior to approval.
  3. Grading and Excavation: A permit for grading and excavation may be issued, at the applicant’s risk, prior to project approval by the DRC.
  4. Approval Authority: The DRC has final approval authority for RTI applications. No public hearings are required.


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