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Why Eagle Mountain?

Build the Future with Us

At just over 20 years old, with more than 50 square miles of land, Eagle Mountain is a young city with a big future. But Eagle Mountain City is not one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. only because there is space. Young, highly educated, and hard working families and individuals are coming to Eagle Mountain for the affordable homes and utilities, the abundant recreation opportunities, and the jobs.

Projected growth puts Eagle Mountain City’s population at over 150,000 by 2060. With that reality in mind, Eagle Mountain City is carefully and diligently working to plan modern infrastructure and policies to welcome businesses of all kinds to grow with us. Now is the time to build our future.


What makes Eagle Mountain Unique



Environment & Location

Recent projects with amazing partners have provided the means of supplying significant electrical power, natural gas, and water for new projects. New 345 kv power lines running through the city (N/S) provide immense capacity for data center projects, and Utah’s fiber optic backbone runs directly under our city.

Additionally, Eagle Mountain City is situated between the Salt Lake City and Provo/Orem metropolitan areas, providing great access to both regions. Planned transportation projects will provide a freeway around Eagle Mountain City that connects into the vital Mountain View Corridor and I-15.

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We regularly hear from businesses, developers, and others that Eagle Mountain City is one of the best cities to work with. We welcome big ideas, and work hard to ensure our policies and procedures are not cumbersome. Recently, Eagle Mountain City created a Regional Technology & Industry Overlay Zone that covers sections of south Eagle Mountain and Pole Canyon. This RTI Overlay Zone opens up a special approval process for qualifying businesses. This is just one way we are making it easier for businesses to call Eagle Mountain City home.

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As Eagle Mountain City rapidly develops, we are ever-conscious of our environment. A partnership with Utah State University is helping us to ensure we use water wisely and monitor our weather more closely. Local avian experts are preserving raptor bird species such as American Kestrels. And our Dark Sky ordinance ensures that despite a build-out over 100,000 people in the coming years, we will still be able to see the night sky. Finally, ordinances restricting development on our ridge lines both preserve the natural scenery and protect habitats for local wildlife.

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