Winter reappears in Eagle Mountain

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After several mild winters with little snowfall, Eagle Mountain has experienced a plentiful winter. Current snowpack, as of today, from 8-20 inches was reported depending on the location and elevation, according to Living in a desert region, one might think that would mean dry and hot, but in the Cedar Valley, a rich array… Read more »

Precipitation on track to exceed monthly average

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With heavy winter storms all across the western United States, Utah has seen one of its wettest winters in 50 years. December 2022 ranked 6th in Utah’s history for snowfall. In the new year, the precipitation hasn’t stopped – though warmer temperatures have meant rain rather than snow. The weather station at the Salt Lake… Read more »

Understanding snow formation

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Snowy Road

How does snow form? In the play “The King & I,” Anna Leonowens, a British tutor hired by King Mongkut of Siam to be his children’s schoolteacher, participates in the following conversation as she is conducting class: Crown Prince Chulalongkorn: “Snow? Snow? Spots of lace?” Anna: “Yes, Your Highness.” Crown Prince Chulalongkorn: “The water freezes… Read more »