The Eagle’s View – Jan. 2023

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The January edition of The Eagle’s View is ready for your enjoyment. This month, we discuss water runoff, community events, and learn more about the murmuration patterns of birds. Read here.

Climatologist: Water conservation needed despite strong winter precipitation

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It has been a banner year for precipitation here in Eagle Mountain, as well as the entire state of Utah. After years of low snow totals, the weather pattern has shifted, according to Utah State University researcher and assistant state climatologist Dr. Jon Meyer. Many residents are asking why Utah has experienced so many storms?… Read more »

Mule deer habitat remains diverse

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What constitutes mule deer habitat? Mule deer are adaptable to different food sources and living in different environments. If you asked mule deer biologists in the Sonoran Desert, they would tell you something completely different than someone in the panhandle of Idaho. As would someone from the Arizona strip, the Badlands of Montana/North Dakota, the… Read more »

Many slithery serpents call Cedar Valley home

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The thought of snakes can illicit some squeamish responses. Snakes, often get a bad rap. However, snakes play an important role in the functioning of local ecosystems. Here are the three most common snakes residents are likely to encounter here in Eagle Mountain: 1-Great Basin rattle snake (Crotalus, lutosus).  These rattle snakes are common in… Read more »

What does the fox say?

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Eagle Mountain is a wild-urban interface. The truth is, and this should be no surprise, the community has wild canids living within city limits. Likely, there’s an influx of migration and emigration of coyotes and red foxes moving through the city throughout the year.  It’s important that residents are aware of these and, like any… Read more »

Getting to know local birds

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Late summer, early fall and into the winter months is the time of year we see many of Utah’s summer migrant birds like the Swainson’s hawk, Bullocks oriole, barn swallow and western kingbird fly south to warmer latitudes.  These birds are primarily insect eaters, and with colder temperatures, there just isn’t a food source to… Read more »

Showtime for the rabbitbrush

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These bright yellow blossoms, sometimes mistaken for sagebrush blooms, begin their spectacular show each fall. The curtain only comes down when those blooms become tan, fuzzy seeds amid the cold winter weather entering the stage. Rubber Rabbitbrush (Ericameria naseosa) is widely distributed throughout the western United States. Here in Eagle Mountain, in the sagebrush steppe… Read more »

Eagle Mountain sees water savings year-over-year

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Fall temperatures have begun after a summer of successful water conservation. Eagle Mountain this year has reported relatively strong conservation numbers. The community saw a 12.46% decrease in water usage over the same period in 2021 (2nd quarter – April through June) and expect that the following quarter (July through September 2022) will show similar… Read more »