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With the dissolution of The Ranches Master HOA, Eagle Mountain City now manages maintenance of open space areas in the city that are not under the management of other HOAs.


  • Water Conservation is implemented by Eagle Mountain City. We would encourage homeowners to also follow the water conservation guidelines.
  • Watering deeper and longer and less frequent is better for your turf.
  • Any sprinkler problems on City-maintained property, please contact the Parks Hotline at 789-5959, Ext. 2.


Tree Maintenance

Tree trimming (Fall and Spring)

Trees are pruned and thinned for proper growth structures to occur.

  • In the past we have had a problem with topping trees.  We are trying to stay away from this type of pruning because it takes growth away from the tree and gives bad structure.  Rejuvenating tree pruning gives structure and stability to the tree for good growth.

A few tips about trees:

  • The least amount of pruning done, stronger the roots system will grow.
  • It is best to let young trees roots grow for 2-3 years before pruning.
  • Never take more than a 1/3 of the tree at a time while pruning.
  • Never top a tree, it hurts them!

Here are a few links to view for more information on this topic:

Trees will be sprayed with pesticides as needed.

Turf and Grass Maintenance

Our goal is to keep the City Parks, Parkways and Open Space looking nice for the community.

Mowing Schedule (Green Scape):

  • April 1 – April 30:  lawns will be groomed every other week
  • May 1 – September 30:  lawns will be groomed weekly
  • October 1 – October 31:  lawns will be groomed every other week


Unimproved Open Space

  • The City’s open space areas are maintained throughout the year.
  • No dumping of grass clippings, concrete or other materials are allowed in the open space.  If caught dumping or defiling, it could result in a fine.
  • Please report any dumping violations to  Neighborhood Improvement.
  • Mowing of undeveloped open space is done through the months of April – October. This will be done two times throughout the year, or as needed beyond that.

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  • Issue Reporting Hotline:
  • 801-789-5959
  • Option 1 – Parks and Recreation
    Option 2 – Water
    Option 3 – Sewer
    Option 4 – Storm Water
    Option 5 – Streets
  • For Emergencies, dial 911