Eagle Mountain City is facing a critical water reduction impacting areas north of SR-73, otherwise known as Cory Wride Memorial Highway. It’s affecting around 1,200 homes. In response, the City is urgently asking residents in the affected area to refrain from watering their lawns through July 14.

The cooperation of the community is essential to achieving the best possible outcome. Without immediate action, homes in the impacted area could experience reduced water pressure and potential interruptions in water supply. Additionally, reduced water pressure can significantly impact the ability to maintain adequate fire protection, posing a potential safety risk.

To ensure compliance and protect the community’s water resources, the City is enforcing lawn watering restrictions during this period. Violations of these restrictions will be subject to penalties.

The City appreciates the understanding and cooperation of residents, emphasizing that conserving water now will help ensure that those in the impacted area have access to sufficient water for essential needs.

This water reduction period is a result of extreme weather patterns and demand for water that has outpaced even the most pessimistic forecasts. Despite these challenges, the City wants to assure residents that appropriate planning has taken place for population growth.

In line with the City’s infrastructure plans, work is actively underway to complete additional wells, booster pumps, and water lines to increase water supply and resilience against future reductions. Funding infrastructure improvements is a top priority to ensure that water reductions like this do not occur in the future.

Eagle Mountain City is committed to long-term solutions and is investing in sustainable water management practices to support the growing community.

Residents are encouraged to stay informed by visiting the Eagle Mountain City website and following the City’s official social media channels for updates. The City appreciates the community’s efforts to conserve water and work together to address this urgent issue.