As road infrastructure continues across Utah County, the Utah Department of Transportation is sharing their major construction projects in 2024.

For Eagle Mountain residents, many of these projects could potentially impact their commute times. With over 34 projects underway in Region Three alone, it’s crucial for residents to understand how these developments will shape their transportation landscape.

Leading the charge is the highly anticipated Mountain View Corridor project, spearheaded by UDOT. With an impressive budget of $466 million, this endeavor aims to connect Utah and Salt Lake Counties, enhancing connectivity and reducing congestion. Noteworthy improvements include a four-mile expansion, a new intersection at Porter Rockwell Blvd., and enhancements to wildlife fencing and multi-use trails.

Additionally, Geneva Orem is undergoing a significant transformation, with plans to widen the roadway to accommodate increased traffic flow. Stretching from University Parkway to the future Lakeview Parkway connection in Orem, this project will introduce two travel lanes in each direction along with a center turn lane, ensuring smoother navigation for commuters.

The Pleasant Grove interchange is set to receive capacity improvements, enhancing the intersection of Pleasant Grove Blvd. and North County Blvd. With expanded turning movements and upgraded traffic signals, this upgrade aims to streamline traffic flow and enhance safety for all road users.

Enhancements to State Street in American Fork are also anticipated, including widened lanes, turning lanes, and buffered bicycle lanes. These improvements aim to modernize the corridor while ensuring safer and more efficient travel for motorists and cyclists alike.

For more information on these projects and their respective timelines, residents are encouraged to visit the UDOT website or contact the provided hotlines for assistance. By staying informed and engaged, Eagle Mountain residents can play an active role in shaping the future of their transportation infrastructure.