In a move aimed at improving the morning commute experience for residents of Eagle Mountain and neighboring communities, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has announced upcoming traffic signal timing adjustments on major roadways.

The affected routes include 2100 North, Pioneer Crossing and Redwood Road, which are frequently used by Eagle Mountain residents during their daily commutes.

These adjustments are set to be implemented in phases, commencing with 2100 North and followed by Pioneer Crossing and Redwood Road. The changes are scheduled to take effect on Tuesday, March 12, with UDOT’s team of traffic engineers closely monitoring the impact.

Any necessary tweaks will be made to ensure a seamless transition and enhance traffic flow during the morning rush hour.

To keep the public informed, UDOT has launched a project website at, offering background information and details about the signal timing adjustments.

Residents are encouraged to visit the website for a comprehensive understanding.

Additionally, individuals with questions, or requiring further information, can contact UDOT’s traffic team at 801-887-3700 or via email at

The changes align with UDOT’s commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure and optimizing traffic management in the region.