In just under a decade, the population of Eagle Mountain grew by 75% – or more than 16,000 people.

It continues to grow every year. By 2060, Eagle Mountain is projected to expand to a population of over 150,000.

To keep up with the growth, Eagle Mountain City has developed a Transportation Master Plan. This plan will help implement an efficient and seamless roadway system throughout the city as it continues to expand.

The Transportation Master Plan provides insights and analysis for the next 10 years. Up until 2050, the plan will help determine which projects should be prioritized to most efficiently grow the community’s roadway network.

Chris Trusty, city engineer, explained how the Transportation Master Plan will help resolve traffic congestion issues.

“We work with a consultant so we can identify where best to locate roads and what sort of classification to help keep traffic flowing,” said Trusty. “Based on densities that we have throughout the city, we try to identify how big the roads need to be to get people where they need to go.”

The Transportation Master Plan analyzes city roadways and assigns each road a grade for traffic flow. In their current state, most city roadways operate at an acceptable level. Based on projected population growth, 14 of the city’s major roads will be at an unacceptable level by 2050 if no action is taken to expand their capacity.

“It’s a safety issue as well as a practical one,” said Mayor Tom Westmoreland. “We need to keep traffic flowing where it needs to go and do it in a safe, timely manner.”

While the Transportation Master Plan is a long-term comprehensive plan, City engineers are developing detailed plans for near-term projects as well.

“We take that [Transportation Master Plan] and we look at a six-year window and what projects need to be done within those six years,” said Trusty.

Trusty would like to assure Eagle Mountain residents that the Engineering department is aware of the growth the community is experiencing. That the Transportation Master Plan will help the city keep up with that growth.

“It is at the heart of life,” said Westmoreland. “Everything relies on transportation, whether you’re going to work or the store, or promoting a business.”

“And,” the Mayor added, “no one likes being stuck in traffic.”

At a public hearing on the Transportation Master Plan on Tuesday, Sept. 20, City Council voted to table the Transportation Master plan for a later date.

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