For kids who love big trucks and other service vehicles, the Touch-a-Truck event hosted by Eagle Mountain City’s Public Library was an unforgettable experience.

The Touch-a-Truck event took place on Oct. 6 and featured all the big utility vehicles from the City’s Streets Department.

“They had all of the trucks for the streets,” said Mandy Paice, who organized the event. “The paver, they had the backhoe, they had the snowplows and garbage trucks, the little tiny excavator, big excavator.”

The event provided children with the opportunity to get up close and personal with City utility vehicles, sit in the driver’s seat, play with the controls and even honk the horn.

In total, 44 children and 26 adults came to the Touch-a-Truck event, according to Paice.

“We got the idea when we went to the Summer Bash that Eagle Mountain did,” said Paice.

She and a co-worker offered to help supervise children who were interested in touching the street equipment.

Zac Hilton, Streets Department manager, coordinated with the library to organize the event. He also appreciated Touch-a-Truck as an opportunity to speak to residents and answer their questions about upcoming street projects.

While parents learned more about road construction and other infrastructure projects, kids were able to safely explore equipment that would otherwise be dangerous.

“[Zac] had all of his guys come out and help, which I thought was wonderful,” said Paice. “All his guys came out, they all got the equipment set up nice, and they helped just watch to make sure [the kids] weren’t doing anything dangerous.”

With such a great turnout this year, Paice hopes the Eagle Mountain Public Library can host the event semi-annually, potentially each fall and spring when the weather is appropriately nice.

Paice also hopes to host similar events in the future where kids can interact with other vehicles and personnel from the Fire Department and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

“This library’s awesome. I love working here,” laughed Paice. “I hope people utilize it as much as they can because it’s a fantastic resource.”

The library hosts several events every month for individuals of all ages, such as book clubs, STEAM club and story times.

Residents are encouraged to check out the Eagle Mountain Public Library Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events and resources offered by the library.