The 2024 statewide Utah ShakeOut is on April 18.

Utahns can participate in earthquake drills at work, school, or home –practicing earthquake safety and other aspects of their emergency plans. Every citizens can be better prepared for major earthquakes, and practice how to protect ourselves when they happen. The purpose of the ShakeOut is to help people and organizations do both.

Utah has experienced 17 earthquakes greater than magnitude 5.5 since 1847, and geologic investigations of the region’s faults indicate a long history of repeated large earthquakes of M6.5 and greater prior to settlement.

Below are some resources to make your Shakeout activities more engaging for your family or workplace.

Earthquake Safety Video Series Learn how you can stay safe from shaking in a variety of situations. (YouTube, captions in English, Spanish, and French)

Audio and Video “Drill Broadcast” recordings created to provide instructions during your Drop, Cover, Hold On drill.

Make a Grab-and-Go Kit (fun video by Be Ready Utah)