A new, 4-million-gallon tank is currently under construction as part of the Firefly community currently under development just south of the White Hills Subdivision.

This new tank is 42 feet higher than the existing tank and will provide almost 20 PSI of additional pressure in White Hills. This tank will be fed by the White Hills Wells, one of which will also be improved by the developer DAI. Residents of the area should immediately notice improved water pressure once the water tank is fully operational.

The water flow from the White Hills Wells will be about 4,200 gallons per minute, this will provide plenty of water to Tyson, White Hills and Firefly. The full buildout, 20-year projection is about 5,700 GPM. Just the two wells have enough water to accommodate growth in the area for at least the next 15 years.

To help accelerate this project, the contractor performing the tank construction will be conducting work in the overnight hours to pour concrete on Tuesday, June 4.