One Eagle Mountain road remains closed for repairs after the Oak Springs Channel spilled over Tuesday evening.

Belle St, located off SR-73 in northwest Eagle Mountain, was closed on Tuesday so crews could work to contain floodwater that began spilling over onto the road. After water breached the banks of the Oak Springs Channel where it crosses Belle St, it began flowing toward SR-73.

Stormwater crews received a call about water on SR-73 about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to Larry Diamond, Stormwater Supervisor for the City.

According to Diamond, crews built two levees across Belle St to contain the water in the channel and built two dirt berms to divert the water away  from the road.

“We hauled dirt in dump trucks, loads of dirt,” says Diamond. “I think we brought in 6 truckloads of dirt and UDOT brought two dump truck loads of dirt in.”

While crews worked to contain the flooding, deputies from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office – Eagle Mountain Division worked to slow traffic on SR-73 and divert motorists away from the flow of water.

Around 8 p.m., the flood was contained and all lanes of SR-73 were reopened, according to Diamond.

While Belle St remains closed until further notice for repairs, Diamond says he feels confident the water will remain contained in the channels until the spring runoff is finished.

“We’re being watchful of all the washes through the city, …but we feel pretty confident that we’ve got it under control as of now,” he says.

Even though the water is contained, Diamond says this does not mean it is safe for residents to go near the washes, especially the Tickville Wash, which is currently flowing at a high capacity.

“People need to know how much water is actually coming down this wash. If a person gets in there, it will wash them all the way down. There’s no way to get out,” says Diamond. “Even a grown adult, there’s so much flowing water and the water is so cold. It’s dangerous. Stay away from it.”

The Stormwater Department plans to put signs in place warning residents of the dangers of the swiftly-moving washes, according to Diamond.

Diamond says that because most of the floodwater is runoff from the foothills, there is little concern of residential flooding at this time. However, residents who would like to be prepared can pick up sandbags at City Hall (1650 Stagecoach Run) and the Eagle Mountain Community Development Building (3726 E Campus Drive) free of charge. Sand resources can be found at While Hills Park, the Rodeo Grounds parking lot, the North Ranch Park parking lot and the paved parking lot at Silverlake Amphitheater.

Diamond says the sandbags and sand resources will be available until the Stormwater Department feels all risk of flooding has passed.

To report flooding or for questions about sandbag resources, please contact (801) 789-5959 opt. #4.