In a significant development for Eagle Mountain, the Federal Coordinating Committee (FCC) has bestowed federal recognition upon the Great Salt Lake Sentinel Landscape, which includes the Eagle Mountain Wildlife Corridor.

The committee is formed through a joint effort of the United States Department of Agriculture, the National Forest Service, the Department of Defense and the Department of the Interior.

This recognition marks a pivotal moment for the City’s wildlife conservation and planning efforts.

“This was a huge collaborative effort with state wildlife agencies, federal and state land management agencies, other cities and wildlife conservation organizations,” says Todd Black, wildlife biologist.

The inclusion of the Eagle Mountain Wildlife Corridor in the GSLSL underscores the importance of safeguarding critical mule deer migratory paths and ensuring continuous wildlife connectivity in the planning of the community and surrounding communities.

The timing of this recognition aligns closely with ongoing grant applications. The America the Beautiful Challenge, which specifically addresses Federal Sentinel Landscapes, presents an opportunity to highlight the GSLSL within grant proposals. Doing so is expected to bolster Eagle Mountain’s chances of securing funding for conservation projects aimed at preserving the wildlife corridor.

“This is a big deal for Eagle Mountain City,” says Black. “It will be a big help for us in working to implement significant conservation measures in the city like open space preservation and wildlife corridors.”

The federal recognition comes on the heels of collaborative efforts among various partners involved in the proposal development. The FCC’s acceptance of the proposal was accompanied by praise for its organizational structure, attainable goals, and well-formulated boundaries.

Acknowledging the collective effort of all partners involved, city officials expressed gratitude for the support and expertise contributed toward achieving this milestone.

The designation of the Eagle Mountain Wildlife Corridor within the GSLSL is a significant achievement, laying the groundwork for future conservation endeavors in the community.

This Federal recognition not only acknowledges the importance of preserving wildlife corridors but also signifies a promising future for conservation efforts in Eagle Mountain.