Some of Eagle Mountain City’s departments have recently moved to expanded facilities to accommodate the additional staff that are now needed to adequately provide service to residents.

Where local needs used to be effortlessly managed by a handful of employees, the Community Development Department, now at 22 on staff, is ready to assist residents with their various needs in Building, Planning, Business Licensing and the Neighborhood Improvement Department.

These departments are now located at 3726 E. Campus Dr., Suites D and H.

This location is conveniently located for residents directly east of the Maverick station at the intersection of Ranches Parkway and Cory Wride Memorial Highway (SR-73).

Suite D, on the first floor to your left as you enter, houses Business Licensing and Neighborhood Improvement. Suite H, on the 2nd floor, contains the general offices for Building and Planning. There is an elevator as well as stairs to access the second floor.

According to Eagle Mountain City Administrator Paul Jerome, it proved more fiscally responsible to lease space from the Direct Communications building, which had room available, compared to building.

The leasing costs are well below current rates for similar leasing.

“Even continuing the lease well into the future will provide a substantial savings over the concept of constructing a new building to meet the City’s needs,” says Jerome. “Although this gives the City a little reprieve from a space standpoint in the existing buildings, there will be a time in the future where constructing additional space rather than leasing will become necessary.”

The Engineering, Parks, Recreation and Streets Departments are still located at 2565 N. Pony Express Parkway. Phone numbers for all City departments remain the same. Office hours remain M-F from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., excluding holidays.

The expanded staff in all departments stand ready to help with your residential needs.

To further assist residents with questions, many of the inquiries residents have regarding building and planning may be answered on the Eagle Mountain City website.

Information regarding the various requirements of basement finishing, adding accessory buildings, patio covers, decks, solar installation, pools, retaining walls, needed inspections and much more are found on the website under Departments – Community Development – Building.

Helpful information for all City departments, as well as City government, is accessible on the website.

There are FAQs, contact information for every department, news, City employment opportunities and our calendar of City meetings, events and activities.