Residents have been able to submit issues with parks, roads, signs and graffiti to the City for several years. Now, Eagle Mountain City is enhancing that service.

“The Resident Portal has been a great tool to help residents and the City know where there are issues and how we can best resolve them,” said Eagle Mountain City Communications Manager Tyler Maffitt. “What we’re doing is making that process even easier while allowing the public to follow issues as we resolve them.”

With the launch of the new Resident Portal, Eagle Mountain City has improved the appearance and functionality of the service on its City website. It has also launched an upgraded City app, now available for Apple and soon on Android.

“We wanted something that was convenient for residents and that was also mobile. We’ve definitely accomplished that through some wise investments and considerable technology upgrades,” says Maffitt.

Residents will be able to access resources such as City information, contact their elected representatives and submit issues the City can resolve in a user-friendly manner.

Eagle Mountain City made the decision to upgrade its Resident Portal at the end of the 2021/22 Fiscal Year.

The City responds to thousands of resident requests every year by phone, email, social media and the Resident Portal.

“Being as responsive as we can is critical to the success of City government,” says Maffitt. “If we’re improving the level of service, residents can have confidence that their tax dollars are being used efficiently and that City employees are being held accountable for a high level of service.”

To implement the change, Eagle Mountain City has partnered with Austin, Texas-based RockSolid. The company has experience working with City governments of all sizes across the country.

Eagle Mountain City is open to feedback on upgrades to the Resident Portal. Users can submit their feedback using the website interface or the new City app.

“This should be seen as a step in the right direction,” says Maffitt. “We need to be doing the most we can to satisfy the needs of residents.”

Within the upgraded Resident Portal, Eagle Mountain citizens can view issues being handled around the city and within their neighborhood. By submitting an issue, residents can also track the responsiveness and the progress of the issue they’ve submitted to completion.

“The new Resident Portal is really dynamic, and we believe our residents will notice an immediate difference,” says Maffitt.

Access the new Resident Portal