A project designed to increase infrastructure and improve access for residents and businesses is anticipated to begin in the next year or so.

Earlier this year, Eagle Mountain City pursued, and received funding for, the extension of Old Airport Road to SR-73. The project, once completed, is designed to act as another east-west arterial road and will alleviate traffic volumes on existing roadways.

Bryce McRae, engineer in training with Eagle Mountain City, says the project has been in the works since before his time in his current position.

“Like with any project, there’s a lot of coordination that needs to be done … so it has been in the works for a while,” says McRae.

Currently, Old Airport Road runs perpendicular from Pony Express Pkwy into the Overland subdivision and development, ending its service well before connection with SR-73.  

McRae says plans have been developed for a specific route that will complete the roadway.

“Eventually Airport Road, as it’s designed, is going to punch from where it is currently, wrap around, continue north, and will ultimately tie into SR-73 up at the north” McRae says.

The expansion is anticipated to save motorists several minutes of driving time and will allow easier access in and out of Eagle Mountain.

“It’s going to allow for more east-west access and help with the north-south access in town as well,” says McRae.

Residents can expect to shorten their drive time to northern Utah and Salt Lake counties by several minutes by avoiding Pony Express Pkwy once the extension has been completed.

As Eagle Mountain’s population grows, the extension of Old Airport Rd is designed to accommodate an influx of residents and business activity.

McRae says that the extension is part of the City’s larger Transportation Master Plan  

“It has been part of the design,” says McRae.

In addition to providing easier access to City Center, the Old Airport Rd. extension will also allow for greater residential and economic development in the area.

While the project is an exciting development for Eagle Mountain, McRae says that this is a future project, and a specific date has not been set for construction to begin.

The City’s Engineering Department, however, is hopeful to move forward with the extension plans in 2023.