With winter having arrived somewhat early, it’s a good time to remind residents that vehicles must be moved off the road so the snowplows can clear the roads quickly and efficiently for safe travel.

“As our winter storms arrive, please be mindful of the weather outlook and allow extra time for travel,” says Zac Hilton, Streets Department Manager. “Drive cautiously when roads are slick. Be patient with other drivers. Your safety is important to us.”

It is unlawful to park vehicles, trailers, or other property constituting obstructions to traffic on the streets of Eagle Mountain City from Nov. 1 to March 15 of the succeeding year whenever snow accumulates on streets in the city. [Eagle Mountain Municipal Code 10.10.050]

“When you are driving and see snowplows in the area, please give them right-of-way, as needed, so they can do their job,” says Hilton. “As you follow behind, the road will be in better condition for your drive.”

During snowstorms, the City’s Streets Department operates as many as 10 snowplows of varying sizes, removing snow and salting roads around the clock if necessary. They plow around 225 miles of road in Eagle Mountain during the winter season.

Road priorities

SR-73 is maintained by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT).

The City strives to maintain safe traction for vehicles. Due to the high cost of snow and ice removal, dry pavement should not be expected on all streets in all storms. Eagle Mountain City has five snowplow trucks with salt spreaders. Streets are plowed and salted in order of priority.

PRIORITY 1 – Arterial roads (Eagle Mountain Blvd, Ranches Parkway, and Pony Express Parkway)

PRIORITY 2 – Collector roads, school zones, hills and curves

PRIORITY 3 – Residential, alleyways, cul-de-sacs (please be aware cul-de-sacs are salted instead of plowed due to space limitations)

PRIORITY 4 – Unimproved roads

During severe storms, the Streets Department may only get to the first priority streets as those roads must remain as clear as possible.

Second and third priority will get cleared, however it may take a couple of days after a large storm or during extreme cold. Clearing may be postponed if unseasonal warmth is expected following soon after a storm.

For questions or concerns regarding the snowplow policy please contact the City’s Streets Department at streets@emcity.org.

Snowplows have names

Keep your eye out for the City’s snowplows because they have names. The names are located on the plow – Slush Puppy, Old Salty, Plowasaurus Rex, Snow Way Jose, Blizzard Wizard, Plowy McPlowface and Scrapes of Wrath.


Homeowners are responsible for snow and ice removal on sidewalks and driveways. No snow or ice should be removed from private property and placed on the nearby roadways.

In addition, the street plowing process may create a build-up of snow in front of driveways. It would be neither cost nor time effective for city snowplow drivers to stop and assist in clearing this build-up in front of driveways.

The City asks for the understanding and cooperation of homeowners.

Fire hydrants

It is the residents’ responsibility to clear snow from around fire hydrants that are in front of their home.