Eagle Mountain’s population has reported strong growth in recent years. This has put pressure on the city’s current road infrastructure. To keep up with traffic demands, Eagle Mountain City engineers have planned several road projects for the spring, summer and fall of 2023.

Here is a quick glimpse into what changes residents can expect this year:

Traffic light at Major St. and Eagle Mountain Blvd.

Traffic at the intersection of Major Street and Eagle Mountain Boulevard near the skate park is currently mediated by a four-way stop sign. Before the end of 2023, the City plans to install a traffic light at this intersection to help residents safely navigate in and out of the Autumn Ridge neighborhood and toward Mountain Trails Elementary.

Traffic light and intersection reconfiguration at Eagle Mountain Blvd. and Pony Express Pkwy.

In addition to the traffic light at Major Street and Eagle Mountain Boulevard, the City plans to reconfigure the intersection between Eagle Mountain Boulevard and Pony Express Parkway. The roundabout that currently stands at this intersection will be removed and replaced with a traffic signal. This project will be combined with the Major St/Eagle Mountain Blvd traffic signal project and will be completed before year’s end. The estimated combined cost of both projects is $1.75 M.

Traffic light at Pony Express Pkwy. and Woodhaven Blvd.

Commuters trying to enter and exit the Silverlake neighborhood via Woodhaven Boulevard must currently yield to heavy traffic on Pony Express Parkway. To mitigate this, the City will also be installing a traffic signal at this intersection. This project is estimated to be completed by the end of the 2023 calendar year.

Traffic light at Ranches Pkwy. and Stonebridge Ln.

The City will install a traffic signal at the corner of Ranches Parkway and Stonebridge Lane. This will allow for smoother access to Rockwell Charter High School and other recently-opened establishments such as Tagg-N-Go Car Wash and Inquisitive Minds Montessori School.

Lengthen left turn lane from eastbound Pony Express Pkwy. to NB Ranches Pkwy.

Commuters who turn left on to Ranches Parkway from eastbound Pony Express Parkway may have noticed traffic back up with other commuters making the same turn. The City has plans to lengthen the left turn lane to allow more space for motorists to wait at the traffic light. This project will be completed in conjunction with the traffic lights at Pony Express and Woodhaven and at Ranches Pkwy and Stonebridge Ln. The estimated total cost for all three projects is $750,000. All three are expected to be completed within the 2023 calendar year.

Widening of eastbound Mid Valley Rd. from Sheps Ridge Ln. to Pony Express Pkwy.

Eagle Mountain City will be widening Mid Valley Road to a five-lane section, which will ease traffic in front of Frontier Middle School. This project is estimated to cost $1.3 M and is expected to be completed by September 2023.

Eagle Mountain City has several plans to ease traffic congestion throughout the City as its population grows. Read more about these plans in the Transportation Master Plan.

Update 4/27/23: The intersection reconfiguration at Pony Express Pkwy and Eagle Mountain Blvd has be postponed and will not be completed in 2023. A timeline for completion is not yet available.