Following an announcement in early 2022 they would be locating in the community, Comcast representatives are providing updates on their location in Eagle Mountain.

Presenting at the March 21 Eagle Mountain City Council meeting, Joe Silverzweig, Government Affairs manager with Comcast, briefed Councilmembers on infrastructure installation.   

“We’re excited to be here in Eagle Mountain,” says Silverzweig.

According to Silverzweig, Comcast will be investing a total of about $25M in Eagle Mountain. This investment is not only in the form of internet services, he says.

“We’re talking about high-quality construction jobs, long-term technical operations and sales roles,” says Silverzweig. “These are folks who can live and work in your communities.”

According to Silverzweig, Comcast has been laying the groundwork for internet services for about eight months in Eagle Mountain.

As of March 21, Comcast had established internet service in 484 homes and expects to have over 6,000 serviceable homes by the end of 2023. The company plans to add 800 homes to operable service in April, 800 in May, and 1,400 homes in June.

Eight hundred homes in total will be serviced from July through October, as construction typically slows down during the colder months.

While top upload speeds for Comcast internet in Eagle Mountain right now is 1.2-1.3 GB/s, Silverzweig says substantial upgrades are in the works, comprising upload speeds of up to 5 or 6 GB/s.

“We work really hard not only to increase speed for customers, but also to reduce latency,” says Silverzweig. “What happens when [customers] do it on their machine happens instantly or as close to instantly as possible at the other end of the network.”

Some residents have expressed concern over the installation of Comcast telecommunication pedestals in front yards and above ground.

“I understand it’s within the public utility easement on their plot, but we are fuming about the size, look, and location,” said one group member on the Eagle Mountain City Citizens Facebook page of a neighbor’s utility box.

The City is actively seeking to work with Comcast to resolve the issue and amend the franchise agreement so boxes may be installed underground.

Residents who have a question, comment, or complaint about the installation of Comcast utility boxes are encouraged to submit it to the Resident Portal so Eagle Mountain City can communicate such complaints to Comcast.