Over the weekend, Eagle Mountain faced an unexpected challenge as Russian Thistle, commonly known as tumbleweeds, inundated neighborhoods due to the relentless high winds on Saturday.

Homeowners experienced hundreds of tumbleweeds piled up next to their residences in certain neighborhoods in Eagle Mountain.

Eagle Mountain City has taken proactive measures by providing dumpsters at various locations to facilitate cleanup efforts. Residents can find these dumpsters at 2848 Carriage Rd. (3 dumpsters), 3956 Cobble Creek Ln. (1 dumpster), 2385 Boxwood Ln. (1 dumpster), 2302 Woodbury Lane (1 dumpster), 1222 Pamela St. (1 dumpster), 1257 Skip St. (1 dumpster), and 3751 Annabell St. (1 dumpster).

Property owners are responsible for removal of the tumbleweeds from their property. To do so, residents can take advantage of the dumpsters or, for neighborhoods with lower tumbleweed impact, they can retrieve a dump pass from Eagle Mountain City Hall and take the tumbleweeds on their property to the Intermountain Regional Landfill in Fairfield.

The Eagle Mountain Streets Department spent several hours on Sunday clearing tumbleweeds from roadways and sidewalks to ensure unimpeded travel throughout the community. The cleanup effort will continue over the next week with dumpsters being provided as needs arise.