In the wake of this week’s high winds, Eagle Mountain has been inundated with tumbleweeds in certain neighborhoods, causing disruption to local roadways and requiring property cleanup among residents

To address this issue, the Eagle Mountain City Streets department and Neighborhood Improvement crews have been working diligently in the most affected neighborhoods.

To aid in the cleanup efforts, the City has announced the provision of dumpsters at key locations throughout the community.

Starting Wednesday and Thursday this week, dumpsters will be available at the following addresses for residents to dispose of tumbleweeds:

  • 2095 E. Granite Ln.
  • 2041 Granite Ln.
  • 4861 Granite Ln.
  • 1942 Emerald Way
  • 1845 Church Way
  • 2433 Quaking Aspen Ln.
  • 2371 Quaking Aspen Ln.
  • 2251 Quaking Aspen Ln.
  • 589 Stonebriar Dr.
  • 5389 Black Smith Road

The City’s approach aims to facilitate a swift and efficient cleanup process, ensuring neighborhoods can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Residents are encouraged to make use of these dumpsters to remove tumbleweeds from their properties and surrounding areas. The City also advises residents to exercise caution while handling tumbleweeds, as they can sometimes harbor pests or cause minor injuries.

For more information on the cleanup efforts and dumpster locations, residents can contact the City Streets department or Neighborhood Improvement departments directly. The community’s cooperation and prompt action in utilizing these resources will play a vital role in restoring cleanliness and safety to the affected neighborhoods.

Eagle Mountain remains committed to supporting its residents through clean-up efforts.