Woman viewing the new Eagle Mountain Economic Development site on a desktop computer

Eagle Mountain City has large-scale goals around economic development.

As part of these efforts, the City has recently implemented upgrades to the economic development resources available on www.eaglemountaincity.com.

“Commercial development in Eagle Mountain is thriving in all regards,” says City Economic Development Director Evan Berrett. “Eagle Mountain is a great place to open and operate a business of any kind, whether starting out in your home or opening a storefront. Several great businesses are on the way, and discussions are underway for many others to call Eagle Mountain home.”

Berrett took over as Eagle Mountain City’s economic development director this fall and has plans to incorporate the City’s broader goals for the community into a strong approach for business recruitment, retention and growth.

Changes to the City’s economic development website follow the recent adoption of the 10-year Strategic Plan by the Eagle Mountain City Council in November. The plan outlines top priorities and states concrete goals for the community over the next decade.

Part of the strategic plan’s focus is to cultivate diverse economic growth in the coming years. More than 80% of Eagle Mountain’s business community is currently home-based.

“Eagle Mountain is home to businesses of all sizes spanning several industries resulting in an expanded tax base, convenient access for all residents to essential goods and services, and growth of employment opportunities for workers at any stage of their careers,” the 10-year Strategic Plan says.

Recent efforts to improve economic development in Eagle Mountain have led to substantial changes in the business landscape.

Meta and Tyson have already located in the community. Google has also announced its acquisition of land in Eagle Mountain with tentative plans to construct a data center.

“Large companies like Meta and Tyson have significant positive impacts on our city,” says Berrett. “They contribute directly and indirectly to the vitality of our local economy and will have a long-term impact on helping us to attract other desirable commercial development of various types.”

Diverse economic growth helps residents with access to their day-to-day needs. It also enhances tax revenue generated by Eagle Mountain for the purposes of maintaining roads, building parks and enhancing services.

Developing a business environment in Eagle Mountain that is relatively stable through changing economic conditions is also a top priority. 

“Eagle Mountain City and the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce are partnering closely to build out a slew of services and resources to support existing and future business owners in accomplishing their goals. We’re actively working on this now and welcome any input from business owners,” Berrett says.

Through improvements to the City’s economic development website, Eagle Mountain can inform prospective businesses about the advantages of doing business in the area. It can also work to assist home-based businesses with their unique needs.

Find more information and easy-to-use business guides on the economic development website.