The Eagle Mountain City Council voted to adopt a new 10-year Strategic Plan for Eagle Mountain City via resolution in November.

The strategic plan, which drives the goals for the community over the next 10 years, was presented to councilmembers during their Nov. 15 meeting by City Economic Development Director Evan Berrett.

“Municipal governments across the nation use strategic planning to unify their organizations behind a vision they work to achieve,” says Barrett.

City staff began developing the 10-year strategic plan in 2021 and have worked to improve it based on feedback given by the City Council in through various Strategic Planning workshops in 2022.

The results of a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis conducted at a Council Visioning Conference were also taken into consideration while drafting the strategic plan.

“I really enjoyed the process by which we did this,” said Councilmember Brett Wright. “I was confused by it at first, but I really started to embrace it, and I loved the visioning meeting that we were able to have. To be able to hash that out in a public meeting with my fellow council members and with the mayor present, I felt like that was one of the better meetings we’ve had.”

The SWOT analysis identifies several factors working in Eagle Mountain’s favor, as well as several areas in which the City has room for improvement. After months of analysis, the 10-year Strategic Plan was completed this fall.

The Strategic Vision for the City is as follows:

“Eagle Mountain is a safe, growing city with a small town feel that serves families and individuals by creating reliable services and infrastructure, cultivating economic and recreational opportunities, and harmonizing protected space wit the flourishing of all life.”

Using the SWOT analysis from the City Council Visioning Conference and individual interviews with members of City Council, City staff tabulated the most common themes or interests, and categorized them into six distinct categories, each coinciding with one of six strategic goals.

The Strategic Goals for the City, as laid out in the plan, are:

Diverse Economic Growth
Eagle Mountain is home to businesses of all sizes spanning several industries resulting in an expanded tax base, convenient access for all residents to essential goods and services, and growth of employment opportunities for workers at any stage of their careers.

Robust infrastructure Networks

Eagle Mountain has expanded its infrastructure capacities to comfortably accommodate the demands of a larger population by improving transportation connections and infrastructure standards alongside state and regional partners, augmenting network capabilities, and implementing maintenance and replacement programs for all infrastructure.

Unique Reputational Evolution

Eagle Mountain is known and respected for its commitments toward, and achievements in, meeting the expectations of residents through efforts to embrace its family-centric and rural heritage, engaging in creative solutions to accomplish its goals, and its contributions to the prosperity of the state.

Proactive Generational Planning

Eagle Mountain is a balanced, intergenerational city that has proactively managed its growth, resulting in homeownership opportunities for residents; a redundant and reliable water supply; and the creation of gathering places and amenities that provide for the social, educational, recreational, and health care needs of its residents.

Interactive Environmental Stewardship

Eagle Mountain has interlaced the preservation of the natural environment; the protection of native wildlife; and the promotion of outdoor recreation through the expansion of permanent, convenient, and interconnected trail networks; conservation of open spaces, natural features, and wildlife; and protection of historic sites significant to our cultural heritage.

Dynamic Service Enhancement

Eagle Mountain is a full-service community that delivers extraordinary services and amenities to residents by attracting and retaining passionate employees, innovating throughout the organization to increase efficiency and remain fiscally conservative, and developing highly responsive communication channels to improve resident experiences.

City Council unanimously voted to approve the resolution of the Vision and Strategic Goals. Moving forward, City staff will pass all decisions and plans through the filter of the Strategic Plan to ensure the City maintains compliance with its visions and goals.

Read the full Staff Report about the 10-year Strategic Plan.