Three accomplished individuals have recently been appointed to key positions within various boards and commissions in Eagle Mountain.

The appointments took place during the Jan. 16 meeting of the Eagle Mountain City Council.

Adelle Curtis, an advocate for the Eagle Mountain Public Library, will soon be taking on responsibilities on the Library Board for a two-year term.

Curtis expressed her dedication prior to her appointment.

“I LOVE to read and LOVE our library!” Curtis said. “We’ve been visiting the library 2-4 times a month for years.”

She emphasized her desire to eliminate the distance stigma associated with the library.

“I want to support the library and help eliminate the ‘it’s too far’ stigma so that more families will utilize our amazing library!”

Rod Hess, who currently serves on the City’s Parks Board, was appointed to the Eagle Mountain City Planning Commission for a three-year term.

Hess brings a wealth of experience as a landscape architect and land development consultant.

“As a Landscape Architect, I have worked as a land development consultant and have experience in designing, reviewing, and complying with subdivision and zoning ordinances.”

His current role with the Utah Department of Transportation as a senior landscape architect has given him a keen appreciation for the need to plan and prepare for future projects.

Hess, who has been a resident of Eagle Mountain since 2007, expressed his desire to actively participate in the review, planning and coordination of City development.

Karan Heffelfinger, joining the Senior Citizens Advisory Council for a four-year term, brings a passion for advocating for seniors’ needs.

The appointees took their oaths surrounded by the support of their families. The appointments of Curtis, Hess and Heffelfinger represent a dynamic addition to Eagle Mountain City’s boards and commissions.