On Saturday, April 20, contestants gathered at the Pony Express Memorial Arena for the highly anticipated Pony Express Royalty competition.

Contestants first showcased their horsemanship skills at the rodeo grounds, and the competition later moved to Eagle Mountain City Hall. There, contestants exhibited their skills in speech, modeling and interviews, providing a well-rounded display of their abilities and personalities.

Each participant demonstrated their passion for horsemanship and their commitment to serving their community.

After a day of spirited competition, Rachel Whitehead was crowned Queen, with Cecily Williams and AJ Krieger claiming the titles of 1st and 2nd Attendants, respectively. Aydree Weight captured the title of Princess, while Nikki Hetzel and Emma Wilkinson were selected as 1st and 2nd Attendants.

The awards ceremony took place at Eagle Mountain City Hall, where family, friends and supporters gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the newly-crowned Pony Express Royalty.

In addition to serving the community and representing the Pony Express Rodeo, the queen, princess, and their attendants serve as role models for young people, inspiring them to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.

The Pony Express PRCA Rodeo will take place at the Pony Express Memorial Arena in Eagle Mountain from June 6-8 as part of Pony Express Days.

Residents can get tickets to the rodeo and the demolition derby by visiting Pony Express Events.