Recognizing the impacts of COVID-19 on lifestyles and the economy, Eagle Mountain City suspended assessing late fees and shutting off water for non-payment for the past six months. It is necessary at this time to resume collecting late fees and implementing shut off for the month of September, however we acknowledge that some residents continue to deal with impacts of the pandemic. We offer the following options to those who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Promise to Pay

A promise to pay allows you to postpone one payment past the due date up to one week before the next payment due date.  For example, if you cannot pay the amount due on your account by the August 31 due date, a promise to pay allows you to postpone that payment until September 23rd. We allow a promise to pay every four (4) months if the previous promise to pay was kept.

Payment Plan

A payment plan allows you to divide up the past due balance over 12 months with no interest and make that equal payment in addition to your current bill amounts at each of the next 12 due dates. We can also offer 4-6-month payment plans with no interest and make that equal payment in addition to your current bill amounts at each of the next 4-6 due dates. The required down payment of 30% will be waived at this time. We allow a 12-month payment plan once per year or up to twice per year on the 4-6-month payment plan if the previous payment plan was kept.

Utility bills are due and payable by the last day of each month along with payment plans. If the deferred payment agreements along with current bill amounts are not kept current, the past due amount will be due in full and utilities may be disconnected. Payments for past due balances are due before the end of business on Monday, September 14 to avoid water shutoff.

For those using Xpress Bill Pay, the payment plan will not reflect online or on your monthly paper bill. Our office can schedule equal payments using Xpress Bill Pay but the monthly bills would have to be manually paid online due to the unknown monthly usage of water consumption. A copy of the payment plan arrangement will be provided to you.

We would encourage you to contact the Utility Billing Department to utilize these options in advance of the City resuming late fees and shut-off for non-payment.  Our employees are happy to assist you through difficult times.


Utility Billing Department
(801)789-6609, (801)789-6626, (801)789-6627, (801)789-6628, (801)789-6607.