As part of Eagle Mountain City’s road maintenance plan, slurry seal work will close some residential streets through June 8, 2020. Please check the map links below for specific streets.

Slurry Seal Road Closures 5-26 to 5-29

Slurry Seal Road Closures 6-1 to 6-8*

*Please note, those who have garbage pick up on affected streets on June 8, the work will not begin until after garbage pick up occurs.

Cars must be removed from the streets scheduled for closure before 7 a.m. No driving is allowed on streets until barricades are removed. Please turn off sprinklers for the day of slurry seal treatment and 24 hours after.

Door notices will also be provided to residences on streets with planned closures. Please review the information on the notice thoroughly.

We appreciate your cooperation with the contractor as we complete this preventive maintenance work.