Whether it’s a community social media page, a local news outlet, or chatting with your neighbor, rumors are everywhere and deserve an answer.

Eagle Mountain City is introducing Rumor Stop – a one-stop shop for rumors pertaining to Eagle Mountain City.

We encourage residents to take a look at the page, which can be found here: Rumor Stop | Eagle Mountain City, for the most up-to-date information pertaining to rumors surrounding Eagle Mountain City. Rumor Stop can help residents find answers to some of the rumors they may have heard, and also have the option to receive answers to new rumors.

If there is a rumor not already addressed on the Rumor Stop page, simply fill out the form with the rumor you would like addressed and Eagle Mountain City will make every attempt to answer it in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Rumor Stop differs from the Resident Portal in two ways. First, Rumor Stop attempts to deliver accurate information in response to potentially inaccurate rumors. The Resident Portal links residents with City services. Second, Rumor Stop is not designed to resolve issues within the City – only to get relevant answers to persistent questions.

Residents can, however, locate the Rumor Stop page on the Resident Portal. You can also find this Rumor Stop page under “Community Relations” by clicking on the menu at EagleMountainCity.com.

Eagle Mountain City invites residents to peruse the existing rumors, engage with the City to receive answers to their questions and use this page as a resource as they encounter rumors from their friends, family and neighbors.