Due to growth in the city, starting the week of September 30 Ace Disposal is changing their garbage and recycling pickup schedules for some residents. Areas where pickup day and/or recycling week is changing are highlighted on this map.  Enter your address in the map search bar. If your address is in a highlighted area, click on that highlighted area and the map will display what the change is. If your address is not in a highlighted area there are no changes.

A master list of the changes may also be viewed here.

The citywide garbage pickup schedule effective September 30 is available here.

Ace Disposal will pick up recycling three weeks in a row starting September 30 for residents whose pickup schedule is changing to help with the transition to the new recycling pickup schedule.

Please share this information with neighbors so everyone can be prepared for changes.

If during this transition your garbage is not picked up, please contact Ace Disposal at 800-724-9995 and they will arrange for pick up.