Dates for legal discharge of fireworks for the 2019 summer holiday season are July 2-July 5 and July 22-July 25 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. (Note: On July 4 and 24 time of discharge is extended to 12:00 midnight). Please be aware, in many areas of Eagle Mountain City discharge of fireworks is prohibited. The only exception within restricted areas would be a professional display with a permit from UFA. Residents should visit the interactive map on the Unified Fire Authority website and enter an address to determine if your street is restricted. Restricted areas are highlighted in red.

During the allowed dates and times for legal discharge, Eagle Mountain City allows use of the asphalt parking areas at Smith Ranch Park and SilverLake Amphitheater for residents in restricted areas. Please dispose of fireworks properly and clean up any debris at these parks.

These restrictions are in place as protection to the community from wildland fire danger. Eagle Mountain City asks for everyone’s help and cooperation with compliance.

For some newer areas of the city, restricted boundaries are not clear due to lack of detail available on map. We will post supplemental maps below as needed.

Sage Park Map