A fireworks restriction map for 2022 covering the July 4th and 24th holidays was approved by Eagle Mountain City in April. Please see the maps included here for more information on restricted areas.
In addition to the adopted maps, in fireworks-restricted areas, Eagle Mountain City may approve a City-owned park as an alternate fireworks discharge location. That list of approved parks will be developed and shared with the public prior to the July 2-5 and July 22-25 legal fireworks discharge periods. Eagle Mountain residents should be aware of the following sections of Utah state code.

53-7-225.1. Civil liability.

(1) (a) An individual who negligently, recklessly, or intentionally causes or spreads a fire through discharge of a class C explosive is liable for the cost of suppressing that fire and any damages the fire causes.
(b) If the individual described in Subsection (1)(a is a minor, the parent or legal guardian having custody of the minor is liable for the costs and damages for which the minor is liable under this section.

Residents planning to discharge fireworks in Eagle Mountain in 2022 are asked to respect the safety of their neighbors and the community, pay attention to changing winds and weather patterns, and remain mindful of undeveloped areas that may have an increased likelihood of wildfire.

Additional UFA map of restricted areas in Eagle Mountain.

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