We are accepting basement permits via email to buildinginspections@emcity.org.

You will need to make sure you attach everything as PDF’s and not photos, or JPG. We cannot accept them if they are not scanned in as PDF’s.

We will do our best to get them reviewed in a timely matter.

You will need to submit a completed permit application. We cannot accept incomplete applications. We need all of the property information including the subdivision, lot # and tax serial #. To find the property information, please click here. When you search, just enter the address numbers and the city only. Do not add direction or street. It will bring up everything in the city with those numbers. You will need to click the serial number of the correct address, then click the serial number under the current owner (the year should be green). This will bring you to the property information for your home including the subdivision, lot #, and tax serial (or parcel) #.

*Please make sure you check “Basement” under intended use of parcel.

*Please put “SELF” under Contractor information if you are doing the work yourself. If you have hired a contractor, you will put their information and have them sign the permit.

*You will want to note the # of bedrooms and baths you are adding- not total.

You will need to submit a plan of your basement on one page. There is a checklist of everything that needs to be on your plan. You will need to show the whole layout of the basement. Please go over the checklist and initial it noting the required items are on the plans. The plans MUST be 8 ½  x 11. They do need to be able to be read and everything on the checklist must be on ONE PAGE. We will not accept permits with separate pages of plans. A very simple plan is all that is required, along with the plan submittal checklist that has been initialed. Make sure that the finished areas do not say “future” or “unfinished”.

Please do not proceed with any work until a permit has been issued. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Phone: 801-789-6614

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/community-development/planning/