If you are new to the city, please fill out a residential utility application for your new address here.

If moving from Eagle Mountain City, please fill out a termination form for your old address here and enter the information for your new address. Please be aware that your account number will change and online utility bill pay information will need to be updated. The Utility Billing department has up to three business days to transfer accounts.

WATER:  $20/Month base rate, plus $0.80/1000 gallons up to 65,000.

SEWER:  Ranches: $41.14/Month, City Center: $43/Month, West Service Area: $45.05/Month


GARBAGE:  1st Can: $9.50, 2nd Can: $6.25, plus additional variable fuel surcharge (based on current market conditions)

RECYCLING:  $5/Month per Can

PAYMENTS:  Payments can be made online, in our office (Mon-Fri, 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM), by mail, or the drop boxes located at City Hall or The Ranches Professional Building

DEPOSITS:  $40 for services; Deposits are refundable after one year if all payments have been received on time. Please contact the office to receive the deposit refund.

DISCONNECT / RECONNECT FEE:  A $25 fee will be charged for services that need to be disconnected or reconnected.

LATE FEE:  A $15 late fee will be applied for payments received after the due date.


Phone: 801-789-6609

Website: https://eaglemountaincity.com/utility-billing/manage-services/