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2021 Candidate Bios

The information below has been provided by the candidates.

Tom Westmoreland, Mayoral Candidate

Tom Westmoreland is currently the mayor of Eagle Mountain City, prior to which he served on the city council. He and his wife Rebekah (a registered nurse), have nine children and seven grand children.

Mayor Westmoreland has a vision for the future that includes the preservation of vast open space, a robust local economy, reliable and redundant infrastructure, improved transportation, beautiful parks, wildlife preservation, culture-rich community, and outdoor recreation, with an emphasis on quality of life and low taxes.

His accomplishments include the following.

Preserved open space for recreation and wildlife, including mountain bike, hiking, horseback riding, and OHV trails, in addition to protecting deer migration routes and historical sites.

Cultivated an unparalleled economic boom by negotiating and closing contracts with three Fortune 100 companies in Facebook, Tyson, and another yet-to-be-named datacenter. In addition, he launched the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce and is currently bringing in a steady stream of commercial and retail establishments.

Bolstered infrastructure with nearly $150 million investments in roads, water, sewer, and power.

Insured stability during a volatile time that included Covid-19, rapid growth, inflation, and a drought. In the history of the city, he will be only the second mayor to complete a full term.

Melissa Clark, Mayoral Candidate

For the past two decades, Melissa Clark has been leading and serving in the community. Currently, she serves on the Eagle Mountain City Council where she has advocated for the needs and concerns of Eagle Mountain by meeting with members of the local school board, and elected officials of neighboring cities, Utah County, and the State Legislature. She believes in working collaboratively with other entities to keep Eagle Mountain and the surrounding region a great place to live and work.

Other government leadership roles include serving on Parks and Recreation Board and as the Precinct Chair for EM05 where she became known for asking the candidates tough questions and being a voice for her precinct. Because Melissa believes in small government and encouraging the private sector to help in the community, she co-founded the Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance, a non-profit local arts agency, as a way to foster the Arts in the community without cost to the taxpayers.

Her leadership skills are seen in her professional life as a Senior Project Manager for a world-class Utah-based company where she leads seven teams across the county and is well-known for refining process and workflow to increase efficiency and profits.

Her greatest motivation for serving in government is her family. Along with her husband, Nathan, she loves being mom to their 4 daughters.

Rich Wood, City Council Candidate

My name is Rich Wood and I am running for city council in Eagle Mountain. My wife Kim and I moved out to Eagle Mountain with our kids to escape the overcrowding and increase in crime in Salt Lake County. Our original intention was to buy cheap and then sell the house a few years later and move. Here we are 8 years later and we never want to move. We love the lifestyle of Eagle Mountain, it’s citizens and beauty.

I served on the planning commission for 3 years. The last year I was the chairman. I believe in following the law, being transparent in administering the law, having integrity to fulfill the duties you have been entrusted with, especially when they are unpopular yet lawful, and I believe that we are better as a city when citizens get involved. Many times on the planning commission the citizens provided perspectives that can’t be seen or identified on a map, a report or a presentation. We need to listen better as a city to what the citizens want, then act on their behalf. My record on the planning commission is filled with lawful, concise action. Our city, our future.

Brett Wright, City Council Candidate

I’m running for city council to advocate for your voice and to see that your vision of our future is implemented. I recognize that development and growth are and will continue to come to our city. Frankly, we need that growth to encourage economic opportunities and to increase our tax base. I believe that we can manage this growth in a responsible and sustainable way in order to balance the need to grow with the desire of our residents to live a rural, suburban lifestyle.

I support a balanced rural approach to residential development. Because of our geographic location and the volume of undeveloped land in our city we are uniquely situated to offer a life style that is in contrast to the more urban and metropolitan cities of the Wasatch front. I intend to protect that lifestyle. I am an advocate for increased road standards, which means increasing the width of public roadways and seeing that necessary road ways are planned, funded and constructed in a more timely way. This will help to create better ingress, egress, and parking standards for residents.

I’m Brett Wright, to learn more about me I invite you to visit my website brett4emcity.com

Donna Rivera Burnham, City Council Candidate

Eagle Mountain has been my home for twenty years.  A lot has changed since we moved in: new neighborhoods, stoplights, roads and stores.  But some things haven’t changed.  Our sense of community is stronger than ever.  Trails, open space and parks are valued.  We protect the wildlife that shares the land with us.  The kestrel project and the wildlife corridor are great examples of our city’s commitment to the wildlife in our area.  We preserve the petroglyphs that dot our city.  As your council member, I have had the opportunity to preserve these values.

I have also had the opportunity to help bring Facebook, Tyson, Macey’s, a future data center, and many other businesses to our city.  Transportation is a top priority for me, and I will continue to work on this.

My understanding of city code, city processes, and budget principles is invaluable and I have an excellent working relationship with residents, staff and council.  I understand the development process from start to finish and am able to help residents get their concerns addressed.  I am principle driven and work well with others.

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you another four years.


Jason Allen, City Council Candidate

My name is Jason Allen, and I’m excited to run for Eagle Mountain City Council! I grew up in Sandy and graduated from BYU with a BS and MS in mechanical engineering, as well as an MBA. I work in business management for a local software company. My family moved to EM in 2020, and we love it here! We love the rural feel, extensive outdoor activities, and the friendly citizens.

I want to preserve the essence of this unique community for our kids and grandkids through smart, controlled growth; maintaining our conservative values; and increasing our community engagement and communication. My strengths include working with numbers, analytics, and budgets as well as working with people, finding solutions, and setting up projects for success. I recognize that since I’m fairly new in the community, I don’t know everything; but I would be proactive in reaching out and seeking citizens’ thoughts, concerns, and ideas for our city. I want to represent and fight for the citizens here in Eagle Mountain to preserve this wonderful city amidst the coming growth. I would love to hear what is important to you and the future you envision for our city – info@Vote4JasonAllen.com or Vote4JasonAllen.com.

Tyler Shimakonis, City Council Candidate

Hi, my name is Tyler Shimakonis. I am originally from upstate New York. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and an MBA. I work in the healthcare industry and law enforcement. My family has lived in Eagle Mountain since 2009. I am currently on the Eagle Mountain Library Board and serve with my wife as the Youth Council Advisors. I have previously served on the Park and Rec Board. I am also involved with Lakeview Academy of Science, Arts, and Technology. I believe strongly in community service.

I believe in 4 Cs, a common-sense approach, open communication, finding common ground, and being community focused. Not only do we need to be smart in our design and planning of the community but we need to work with business owners, interest groups, and community members to help keep the small-town feel that many have come to love and enjoy in our community. We need to have the right people in place to bring a reasonable approach and not just focus on special interests. I feel that my experiences and education have created a strong foundation to be a reasonable and responsible member of the Eagle Mountain City Council.

Maria R. Hopkin, City Council Candidate

Maria has enjoyed living in Eagle Mountain with her family since 2013. As our city grows, so does the need for leaders who are dedicated to the art of community-building. Maria is one of those leaders.

✰ As an advocate for ARTS & CULTURE:  Maria has been instrumental in establishing community groups and programs aimed to support the development of the local arts since 2014.
✰ As an advocate for LIFELONG LEARNING:  Maria understands the value of a community environment that inspires & encourages life-long learning, as a 2018 college graduate with 4 young children.
✰ As an advocate for supporting SMALL LOCAL BUSINESS:  Maria helped establish the EM Chamber of Commerce in 2018, where she has served on the Board for 3 years.
✰ As an advocate for Community SAFETY, HEALTH & WELLNESS:  Maria believes in the power of connecting people to the right resources as a vital part of keeping our neighborhoods physically safe, but also as key to increasing quality of life, and combating the difficult issues of crime, depression, and suicide we see in our area.

You can count on a vote for Maria to be a vote for Compassionate Leadership and People-Focused Policies.

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